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Stop Screwing Around Jar (Stop Cheating)


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Had about enough of an unfaithful partner? Someone you love screwing around and just won't quit? Sick of your man or woman's wandering eye? This jar will cut off the bad behavior at the knees. Designed to make all potential lovers but you find your mate repulsive, and make your mate find all other's but you disgusting, this little jar packs a big punch to stop flirtations and cheating.


Cursing vinegar, black salt, scorpion oil, handmade binding powder, traditional herbs, customized petition and prayers, burial in a traditional grave yard with offerings for sealing.

Good for:

  • Stopping a flirtatious person from flirting with others
  • Stopping chronic cheating
  • Making someone stop sleeping around
  • Bringing playboys/girls to be faithful
  • Ending 'casual sex as a hobby' behavior


  • Full 7-day long jar work and candle vigil with personal prayer working by Ms Avi
  • Customized petition for your situation
  • Protection and sealing work to ensure the spell lasts and remains secret
  • Photos of you work
  • Basic candle reading (See "candle reading options" below)

Candle Reading Options:

Basic: Ms Avi reads the timeframe of the work along with 1-2 sentences on the work's outcome and how it will manifest. (Average: 100-200 words)

Premium: Mis Avi reads the flame, timeframe, and all the major shapes for your working. Personalized interpretations for each wax formations and messages from spirit will also be included when applicable. This reading gives you detail information about events, timelines, and energies you will encounter as your spell comes to be. (Average: 1000-3000 Words)

All spell works come with a basic candle read. This includes the timeframe for your work and 1-3 sentences summarizing the work and how it will manifest.

If you would like a full reading of your candle, please add a "Premium Candle Reading" item to your purchase for each spell you would like a premium candle reading on.

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