Hoodoo Delish


  1. How long will it take for me to see the results of a spiritual work or spell?

    Every situation has its own unique timeframe. In my experience with magic, I have seen spells take effect almost immediately. I have also seen workings that took a much longer time. For every working, I do read the candle to determine the timeframe of results that can be expected for your personal working. However, I will not know this exact information until after the work has been completed. It will be included in the report on your work.

  2. Do you guarantee your spell work?

    No. While I do go out of my way to provide the highest quality service available I cannot guarantee results, timeframes, or final outcomes. I do not offer refunds on work. I also do not offer recasts, returns, or exchanges. However, I do my very best to ensure that we select the right and most effective work for your situation.

  3. What is your success rate?

    I cannot provide an exact percentage rate because not everyone who has a successful work chooses to leave a testimony. But I do provide testimonials from satisfied clients. I can also have many repeat customers who are happy with my work long term and decide to come back to me for unrelated magical goals later or refer their family and friends to me as well.

  4. Can Hoodoo work backfire on me?

    Hoodoo does not believe in karma. I can truthfully say that I have yet to ever see a case of a spell backfiring or someone being punished for doing the work. Hoodoo believes in natural consequences, however. The example I like to use is this; don’t do a spell to burn down your ex-husband’s house if you are still living in it. It is usually a good idea to make sure you have a very clear picture of the situation before doing work to make sure that you don’t inadvertently disorganized things for yourself. But I have never seen someone be punished by spirit for doing work. Magic is your divine right and God will not punish you for using it.

  5. What are your prices?

    The pricing for my work begins at $175.

    I recommend that you set a budget for yourself that is both reasonable for your financial situation and appropriate to how important your goal is. Then take a moment to look at the works on the site and decide what you think would be best for your situation. If you need advice or input you can also contact me for a personal consultation and I will work with you to find the best work for your goals.

  6. I have already had work done by someone else. Will this interfere with the work that you do?

    This is something I will have to take a look at on an individual basis. Usually as a rule of thumb if the goal is the same then my magic will not interfere with the magic it was already done. However, it is always best to check with me first and make sure that we have a clear picture of what has already been accomplished and can adjust your spell work from me accordingly.

  7. Will I hear from you after I make a purchase?

    Yes, you will! Once you purchase your work, you will hear from me to schedule your appointment and get the personal information I need for the spell. All of my works come with photographs and/or a report of the work as well as one answered follow-up question about the work or report within 7 days of the work being finished.

  8. Can I pay after my work is finished?

    I do not schedule or begin work until payment has been made, unless we have made special arrangements for you to have a payment plan. I understand that sometimes the timing of when money is available doesn’t line up perfectly with when we need spiritual work done.

  9. Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes I do.

    If you need to pay for your work in payments, I will issue you a Paypal invoice that allows you to make 10 payments of 10% of the total price of the work.

    I schedule your work for my next open appointment as soon as the final payment is made.

    The payments must be completed within 60 days time from the day that the invoice is issued.

    Please do keep in mind that I cannot give refunds on money paid in a payment plan. If you cannot finish the payment plan within 60 days, I will give you a store credit to use with me on another work or to apply to the cost of the same work in the future.

  10. Do you require me to purchase a reading before purchasing work?

    No, I do not. I do highly recommend that you get a good reading from an intuitive that you trust before purchasing any work. In my opinion, this maximizes your chance of seeing results from your work as quickly and successfully as possible. However, I do not require that you purchase a reading before purchasing work.

  11. Do you offer readings?

    No. I provide readings of the candle works that I personally perform. I do not offer any other type of reading. I can recommend some reputable intuitive’s that I personally have had good experiences with if you need a recommendation for a reading.

  12. What will you need from me in order to be able to do a work?

    In order to successfully perform the work I need two of these four things:

    • Full name of target/s
    • Birthday/s of target/s
    • Photo/s of targets
    • Physical description/s of target/s

    As long as I have at least two of those I can successfully link the work to the person or persons we are targeting. I do not require any physical personal effects.

  13. How do you accept payment?

    I prefer to receive payment through PayPal because I feel it is the most ethical and efficient choice. Once we have selected the right works for you I will send you an invoice from PayPal that clearly lists the work you have ordered along with any payment plans or discounts.

    However, if PayPal does not work for you personally talk to me and we can come up with an alternative payment option.

  14. Do you offer discounts?

    At this time, no. I’m sorry but due to high demand I cannot offer discounts on my work.