Hoodoo Delish

Hoodoo Delish: American Folk Magick and Spirituality

Hoodoo Delish is dedicated to sharing good, old fashioned Hoodoo tips, tricks and spells. Ancient traditions mingle with new ideas to make the living, breathing, life changing power of Hoodoo magic. In times of crisis our ancestors have always turned to the power of the earth, the spirits, and the people to change their reality. This site is here to share the down to earth wisdom of the everyday miracles that they lived and practiced.

Miss Avi, lifelong practitioner and magic enthusiast, founded Hoodoo Delish to spread her passion for the simple, empowering traditions of Hoodoo and other traditional North American folk magic practices. Her motto is God grants us the right to Hoodoo that which we cannot accept.

She lives in Texas with her beloved Witchy Hoodoo cat.

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