Hoodoo Delish

Sour Jar (Break Up)


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Have a stubborn couple that won't leave each other alone? Need to break up a bad relationship or stop and affair? This classic sour jar does the trick. It creates sourness, anger, inconvenience, and snares for the couple to drive them apart and break their emotional and sexual connection. It sours up the bedroom, the romance, and the friendship to make these two people dislike each other and want nothing to do with one another anymore.


Traditional vinegar, ash salt, black salt/cursing salt, domination roots, customized oils and herbs for this specific couple to break up, binding prayers, customized powders, traditional hoodoo petition

Good for:

  • Breaking up long term relationships (non-marriage)
  • Forcing a very stubborn ex or babymother/father to go away
  • Ending obsession or infatuation
  • Stop long term affairs
  • Keeping you ex from being in a relationship with someone else


  • Full 7-day long jar work and candle vigil with personal prayer working by Ms Avi
  • Customized petition for your situation
  • Protection and sealing work to ensure the spell lasts and remains secret
  • Photos of you work
  • Basic candle reading (See "candle reading options" below)

Candle Reading Options:

Basic: Ms Avi reads the timeframe of the work along with 1-2 sentences on the work's outcome and how it will manifest. (Average: 100-200 words)

Premium: Mis Avi reads the flame, timeframe, and all the major shapes for your working. Personalized interpretations for each wax formations and messages from spirit will also be included when applicable. This reading gives you detail information about events, timelines, and energies you will encounter as your spell comes to be. (Average: 1000-3000 Words)

All spell works come with a basic candle read. This includes the timeframe for your work and 1-3 sentences summarizing the work and how it will manifest.

If you would like a full reading of your candle, please add a "Premium Candle Reading" item to your purchase for each spell you would like a premium candle reading on.