Hoodoo Delish

Money Lamp


This spell is only available via consultation.

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Do you have a massive financial goal? This money lamp is for the truly huge, difficult, mountain top money goals. Sales of businesses, start ups seeking investment, multi-national contracts, extremely large inheritances or windfalls, etc.


Custom crafted money lamp oil for your specific goals. Every oil will be uniquely formulated for your by Ms Avi.

Good for:

  • Extraordinary financial goals
  • Very large sums of money
  • Serious/life altering financial needs and transformations


  • Full 33-day long lamp work and candle vigil with personal prayer working by Ms Avi
  • Customized petition for your situation
  • Protection and sealing work to ensure the spell lasts and remains secret
  • Photos of you work
  • Photos and basic reading of the lamp burn