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Candle Zones

To do candle reading one of the first things we have to understand is the different zones of the candle.

There are four general zones that govern the past, the present, the future, as well as the physical and nonphysical worlds.

The Four General Zones

The zones to the left and right of the candle deal with time.

The candle itself represents this exact present moment. It can also represent the time spent doing the work itself.

The zone to the left deals with the past; former events, past influences, and situations leading up to this point.

Everything to the right of the candle represents the future. This area deals with anything related to the future. Things that have not yet happened or that are still in the process of coming to be show up here.

Everything above the candle, or going away from the front of the candle toward the back, deals with the non-physical world. This covers spirituality, emotions, mind, the realm of dreams, and the realm of the dead. It can also deal with education, digital or computer related matters, legal issues, and political things.

The zone below the candle, or anything from the candle moving towards the front of the work, is the zone that deals with the physical and material realm. This covers money, sex, the body, health, housing, food; basically anything that can be experienced in a purely physical way.

The Diagonals

The diagonal sections from the center of the candle are also their own zones. They are; left/above, left/below, right/above, right/below.

The diagonal zone of left/above deals specifically with things in the non-physical world that have occurred in the past. Past spiritual influences, emotional trauma, and past communication through digital means will show up in this area.

The diagonal zone of left/below rules all things pertaining to past business dealings, past sexual relationships, past health issues, and events in the past that affect the physical body.

The right/above diagonal zone focuses on non-physical things which have not yet occurred. This is where you will look for future emotions, future digital transactions, and future emotions.

Lastly, the right/below zone deals exclusively with physical things that have not come into being at this time. Future sexual relationships, property, future changes in the physical body, new financial opportunities.

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