Hoodoo Delish


A seal happens when you get a round or mostly round shape at the bottom of your candle with little or no drips and flows. Seals do not form a perfect circle, which would be a ring, but have a slightly irregular shape usually with one or more flattened edges.

Seals are a sign of success. The first and most common meaning of seals is that spirit has placed it’s “seal of approval” on your work and will be helping you achieve your goals.

Seals can also have another specific meaning when you’re doing the work that is focused particularly on one individual or on a group of specific people. In theses works they usually signify that your target is going to come around to agree or will placed their seal of approval on the goal.

Because seals will automatically be in the dead center of your work it is not important so much to pay attention to their orientation on the plate.

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