Hoodoo Delish


A scorpion occur when a thin piece of wax curls backwards and down away from the candle, looking like a curling scorpion’s tail.

A scorpion signifies betrayal, breach of trust, or deep, hidden issues.

In love work it often indicates there has been infidelity or is on going infidelity. It can also signify a breach of trust in another area of the relationship.

In money spells it indicates dishonest dealings or deceit.

In works of healing it often indicates that the person has been or is being actively harmed on some level.

What To Do:

It’s important to see what happens to the scorpion to know what action to take.

If the candle itself melts it down then the working has handled it and removed the betrayal or deceit.

If the scorpion is still visible when the flame goes out, pray over another candle to remove negativity and use the flame to melt the scorpion shape completely.

It’s good to follow up with protection work there after to prevent further betrayal or trust breaking.

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