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Reverse Scorpion

Reverse scorpions are extremely uncommon. In my time of burning candles this is only the second clear-cut one I have ever seen.

A reverse scorpion occurs when a curl of wax bends a hooked tail backwards, up against gravity, like a real live scorpion tail.

These signs are complicated to understand. First of all, it is important to remember that they do not signify a reversal of betrayal. They do not indicate restitution. They do not indicate someone has become trustworthy.

What they do indicate is that someone or something in the situation has stopped betraying the practitioner or target and started betraying someone else in favor of the practitioner or target.

It best to think think of it like this: A traitor is still a traitor, but now they are betraying in your favor.

What to Do:

Be cautious and watchful in the situation itself.

It may be wise to do some protection work to prevent any future betrayal by this individual.

It would also be a good idea to get a reading to see more specifics about what the original betrayal was, how it lead to the new betrayal, and how long the situation will stay that way.

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