Hoodoo Delish

Double Scorpion

Scorpions are one of the most universally negative symbols and candle reading. That indicate betrayal, double crossing, infidelity, and underhandedness or manipulation.

A double scorpion indicates that there are two people who are betraying the target or the worker.

If the two scorpions are in the same area of the candle in the two traitors are likely working together. If they are in different areas of the candle, such as opposite sides, then the target or the worker is being betrayed by different people in different ways. However, the betrayals will always relate back to something to do with the work that is being done.

What To Do:

If the candle melts or removes both scorpions away this is a sign that the spell has successfully removed the betrayal.

If it does not melt or remove them, bless a candle with prayer and cleansing oil and melt both scorpions down.

It may also be wise to do a reading to confirm who the people in questions are if you do not already know.

Protection work is also a good idea as it will block the betrayal before it can cause further harm.

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