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A wall occurs when a thin but fairly tall lip of wax is left behind as the rest of the candle melts away from it. These usually encompass at least a third of the circumference of the candle.

Walls indicate that the person who is doing the work (or requested the work) may have some doubts or resistance to what needs to happen for the work to succeed.

The area of the candle where the wall occurs will explain what part of the situation the doubt or resistance is related to.

To the left hand side, walls show that the person who wants this spell work done may not approve of how spirit chooses to handle the past in relation to the results.  This if common in love workings or workings where someone wants an apology or other reparations for something that happened in the past, but spirit believes the best way forward is to leave the past in the past.

To the right walls indicate fear of the future, insecurity, or worry that the future may be dangerous.  The best remedy for this is almost alway for the practitioner or person who requested the work to get a reading about exactly what is coming in the future and seek reassurance to trust spirit.

To the bottom, walls indicate that there is disapproval or worry about the way thing will be handled in relationship to sex or money, and occasionally career.  This can also indicate doubts about if the work will most fast enough.

At the top these walls are most negative.  They indicate a lack of trust in spirit or spirit’s judgement and sometimes a controlling or negative attitude that can slow the work down.

What to do:

Melt the wall down using any good cleansing oil, blessing oil, and a match or candle.  This will help remove any self-defeating blocks or attitudes that the caster or requester may have.

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