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Burn Time

The burn time of a candle is used to calculate time frames for results, timelines for events, and specific additional information about the work itself. The number of hours the candle burns is the number of days, weeks, or other units of times it will take to see results from your spell.

How to Measure Burn Time:

To measure the burn time of a candle make note of the exact time when you light it and the exact time that it burns out. If you have to snuff the candle out because you are burning the same candle for multiple days then record each time that you light it and each time that you snuff it out. When the candle has completely finished burning all the way down and going out on it’s own for the final time calculate the total number of hours that it has been actively burning. Round this number up to the nearest full hour. This total number is the final burn time.

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