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Roses occur when a think or wide section of candle curls around itself to make a shape like a blooming rose.

Roses are romance, love, passion, and dating. A very good sign when seeking initiation or renewal of romantic interest. Can also indicate romantic or loving messages to come (especially if the rose is on the right side of the candle or jar which symbolizes the future, communication, and the element or air).

In non-romantic working, roses symbolize goodwill, favour, friendship, and things that will unfold slowly but beautifully.

Roses are almost universally favorable. Even in a separation working where a rose develops on one person’s candle, it is likely to indicate either one sided romance or that the person whos candle developed it will find a new love. (Read the rest of the candle to tell which it is.)

What to Do:

In postive work, this is a good sign and there’s no need to do anything.

However in negative work, especially break up workings, this can indicate that the person being targeted is protect by a natural soulmate bond or a natural love magic. If this is the case, stronger work is needed to see success.

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