Personal Consultation



Don’t know what spell you need?  Unsure which one would be best for your situation?

Ms Avi always offers free consultations at

Because of demand, not all emails can be answered quickly. If you would like a personal consultation with Ms Avi within 2 business days, purchase this item.



After purchasing this consultation you will receive a message (on this website right after purchase) with a link to a contact form.  This will let you tell Ms Avi what your needs are and how to contact you.

Ms Avi will reach out to you herself and talk through your situation, questions, and needs by email.  (Ms Avi does not currently offer text, phone, or chat consultations.) You will have a chance to make sure all your questions are answered and that the right spells are selected for your personal situation.



You must fill out the contact form for Ms Avi to know to reach out to you.

The $25 fee will be applied to the total coast of any spell work purchased. (This applies to one purchase or invoice and must be used within 30 days.)

If you decide that you do not need spell work after talking to Ms Avi your $25 will be fully refunded. (You must notify Ms Avi within 5 business days after she contacts you for the consultation. Your refund will be sent within 5 business days of you notifying her.)

If for any reason Ms Avi decides that she cannot help you with spell work, or if she is too busy to reply to this consultation request, your money will be refunded within 5 business days, no questions asked.




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