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An overflow occurs when wax flows off of the plate or surface that you are working on and spreads out on the surface beneath. These are very interesting and somewhat uncommon formation in candle reading.

Overflows indicate far-reaching effects, wide spread impact, and things that reach farther into the past or future than originally suspected.

Overflows that occur at the bottom of the plate usually show powerful impact in the physical world and off and specifically deals with money or property.

Overflows at the top of the plate typically deal with the collective unconscious, far-reaching karmic matters, and intense psychic or spiritual issues. They can also indicate mental health issues that are much more severe than originally thought.

If the overflow occurs on the right side of the plate this indicates that the issue it is referring to reaches far into the past of the target. Often the specifically refers to things that go back to childhood or even into a past life.

And overflow on the left side of the plate indicate something that is far reaching into the future or will continue to have ripple effects for a long period of time. This is also almost always an indication that the work will have somewhat slow results and/or require a lot of time to manifest fully.

What to Do:

In most cases there is no need to do anything about an overflow. These are usually neutral and informative wax formations.

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