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This is very unusual candle formation, which technically has multiple forms. It occurs when multiple strands of wax on the candle bend over at the same time and what would be a scorpion shape but continue to grow as though they are tentacles or strands of rope reeling in something. 

This is a sign of something or someone being trapped. They are stuck. They cannot move. Without major cleansing they cannot get out.

Seeing these may be either a very good or very bad sign in the work, mostly depending on where they show up on the candle and the type of work.

For spells that involve domination, will bending, calling for justice, revenge, debt collection, or seduction these might be a good sign.

For pretty much everything else they are a bad sign.

What to Do:

If the net is occuring in a working where it is not a positive sign, breaking it off forcefully and then melting it with a seprate fire source, like a match or candle, should snap the net and help to break the influence of the source of the entanglement.  Additional cleansing work might be needed, however.  So it’s best to get a reading and double check.

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