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Hoodoo Flame Reading



Reading the flame of your candle as it burns can add an extra dimension to your understanding of your work.

Here are some of the common things you will see in candle flames and their meanings.


Bright: A nice bright flame indicates that you have chosen the right work and given it enough power to achieve your goals.

Hot: A hot flame indicates good energy and the ability to power through resistance to your goal. A flame that is too hot may indicate you are being too heavy-handed. Gentler work may be needed.

Dances: Dancing flames indicate spiritual communication in your favor. The spirits are participating and wish you to know that they are assisting you towards achieving your goals. This is an especially good omen for candles offered to saints, ancestors, and other specific spirits. If dancing flame shows up when you are not specifically working with spirits it is an indication that there is a spirit present who wishes to assist you and/or communicate and work with you.

Pops: Popping sounds, which may be accompanied by small explosions of wax, indicate barriers being broken and obstacles being removed. Large explosions of wax or extraordinarily loud pops may indicate extremely dramatic changes that will help you obtain your goals but may have unexpected consequences.

Yellow Flame: A yellow flame is a healthy sign, indicating that work is proceeding well and encountering no major obstacles. It is also a positive sign for your work having its exact desired effect.

White Smoke: The presence of white smoke indicates spiritual assistance. Someone in the spirit realm wishes you to know they are helping you achieve your goals. May also indicate a certain spirit has a desire to communicate with or work with you.

Dim: Dim flame indicates conflicting magic or goals, or lack of clear intent. It can also indicate a lack of power. And also indicate an exhausted practitioner.

Cool: A cool flame indicates slow acting or sluggish work. You may be approaching the problem from the wrong angle.

Flickers: A flame that flickers, threatening to go out, indicates that there is not enough power in the work to make the changes being requested by the practitioner. Add more prayers, and if led by spirit to do so, more ingredients may be needed.

Blue Flame: Blue flames indicate that the work is going to have unexpected and probably and desired results. It is best to stop work, do a reading, and rethink the strategy of the work. Cleansing may also be necessary before work and proceed.

Goes Out: A flame going out is a strong indication that this type of work will not be effective for the intended goal. Can also indicate a lack of power or an exhausted practitioner. Cleansing may be necessary before work can be done on this issue.

Black Smoke: Black smoke indicates the presence of spiritual opposition to your work. If black smoke continues all throughout the work you’re target has been protected from or resisted your work.


Sparks: Sparks indicate conflict, proactive and uncomfortable change, or aggressive action.

Hissing: hissing indicates whispering, gossiping, spreading rumors, or information being traded through secret or confidential means.

Whistling: Whistling, more traditionally called “wailing”, indicates that somebody associated with the situation either has been or will be shedding tears or loudly complaining very soon. Can also indicate severe physical pain.

Because flame is very sensitive to spiritual influences it can give a much more nuanced reading when you pair its information with traditional wax reading.

The best way to understand what any given sign in a flame means is to look at the wax formations that have most recently occurred in the candle and add the flames information to the wax reading. (For example, if you have just had a scorpion form and the flame is also suddenly displaying black smoke this may indicate that someone you should ordinarily trust is actively working magic against your goal.)