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Flows are signified by a large, fairly smooth sliding of wax. These usually will be moving either clockwise, counterclockwise, or outward from the candle.

Flows of wax are an indication of something moving powerfully and changing in a very dramatic way as a result of your work. They are off on a very good indicator for success depending on the direction of the flow, the area of the plate on which it occurs, and the type of work being done.

With flows it is very important to pay attention to clockwise versus counterclockwise direction. A flow that moves in a clockwise direction is like a river of water bringing something towards the target or the caster. Likewise, a counterclockwise flow is a river moving something away from the target or caster.

A clockwise moving flow is a good indicator for powerful and dramatic change in favor of love work, reconciliation work, prosperity work, or any other drawing and attraction work.

It counterclockwise flow is a very good omen for break up work, uncrossing work, cleansing work, and any variety of work where you are banishing or removing something from the situation.

What to Do:

In general, this is a useful sign and doesn’t require any additional intervention.

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