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An overflow occurs when wax flows off of the plate or surface that you are working on and spreads out on the surface beneath. These are very interesting and somewhat uncommon formation in candle reading.

Overflows indicate far-reaching effects, wide spread impact, and things that reach farther into the past or future than originally suspected.

Overflows that occur at the bottom of the plate usually show powerful impact in the physical world and off and specifically deals with money or property.

Overflows at the top of the plate typically deal with the collective unconscious, far-reaching karmic matters, and intense psychic or spiritual issues. They can also indicate mental health issues that are much more severe than originally thought.

If the overflow occurs on the right side of the plate this indicates that the issue it is referring to reaches far into the past of the target. Often the specifically refers to things that go back to childhood or even into a past life.

And overflow on the left side of the plate indicate something that is far reaching into the future or will continue to have ripple effects for a long period of time. This is also almost always an indication that the work will have somewhat slow results and/or require a lot of time to manifest fully.

What to Do:

In most cases there is no need to do anything about an overflow. These are usually neutral and informative wax formations.

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A mountain shape is a large standing piece of wax that stands up freely as the candle burns down.  These will sometimes melt down over the course of the work, but will sometime remain even after the work has burned out.

These formations symbolize something negative that is holding on or blocking the work. They typically represent obstacles that are somehow inherent in the situation and standing between you and your target or goal.

Look at the position of the mountain to tell where the blockage is located in the work.

What to Do:

The best way to handle mountains overall is to dress another candle or a match with a clearing or cleansing oil and use it to melt down the hook. This loosens and removes the obstacle. Pray specifically to your spirits to help remove the blockage in the way most consistent with your well being and goal.

You may also need to do work specifically to fix the blockage indicated by the mountain.  For exmple: a love work that shows a mountain to the lower right may be showing that the spell is being blocked by financial troubles for the target.  Money work may be a good way to fix this specific problem so that the love spell can move faster.

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This is very unusual candle formation, which technically has multiple forms. It occurs when multiple strands of wax on the candle bend over at the same time and what would be a scorpion shape but continue to grow as though they are tentacles or strands of rope reeling in something. 

This is a sign of something or someone being trapped. They are stuck. They cannot move. Without major cleansing they cannot get out.

Seeing these may be either a very good or very bad sign in the work, mostly depending on where they show up on the candle and the type of work.

For spells that involve domination, will bending, calling for justice, revenge, debt collection, or seduction these might be a good sign.

For pretty much everything else they are a bad sign.

What to Do:

If the net is occuring in a working where it is not a positive sign, breaking it off forcefully and then melting it with a seprate fire source, like a match or candle, should snap the net and help to break the influence of the source of the entanglement.  Additional cleansing work might be needed, however.  So it’s best to get a reading and double check.

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Hooks are very similar in formation to mountains.  They stand up away from the rest of the candle, often even after it has gone out. However they have the unique feature of curling inward at the upper end, forming a ‘hook’ shape.

Like mountains, hooks indicate blocks or delays but they have added information.  They hook on the end lets us know that this block is long standing and very deep.  It usually shows something that is trauma related and can indiate that the block itself is caused by severe emotional problems.

What to Do:

Healing work is almost always the correct answer to a hook. The first step is to annoint the hook itself with healing oils and say prayers for healing and release over it.  Then melt it down.  You may also want to do additional healing work on the target to speed up the results of your work.

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A roll is a curled, thick, slow moving wax formation.  It looks like a slowly rolling poster or piece of cloth and usually hands backwards off the side of the candle.

A wax roll on a candle is reasonably uncommon. These shapes occur to let us know that the energy of this work is wrapping around someone in a way that smothers them or diminishes their power and conforms them to the will of the spell.

Rolls are similar to nets in that both of them indicate that your target is going to be tangled up inside of the magic.

However rolls are considered to be much gentler and much more positive. They have an energy of gently but firmly persuading someone to come around to your point of view. Think of wrapping someone in a gigantic blanket and bear hug until they agreed to do what you want them to do.

What to Do:

Rolls are an almost univerally positive sign.  They indicate success in almost all types of work and at all locations on the plate. No need to do anything about them.

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A wall occurs when a thin but fairly tall lip of wax is left behind as the rest of the candle melts away from it. These usually encompass at least a third of the circumference of the candle.

Walls indicate that the person who is doing the work (or requested the work) may have some doubts or resistance to what needs to happen for the work to succeed.

The area of the candle where the wall occurs will explain what part of the situation the doubt or resistance is related to.

To the left hand side, walls show that the person who wants this spell work done may not approve of how spirit chooses to handle the past in relation to the results.  This if common in love workings or workings where someone wants an apology or other reparations for something that happened in the past, but spirit believes the best way forward is to leave the past in the past.

To the right walls indicate fear of the future, insecurity, or worry that the future may be dangerous.  The best remedy for this is almost alway for the practitioner or person who requested the work to get a reading about exactly what is coming in the future and seek reassurance to trust spirit.

To the bottom, walls indicate that there is disapproval or worry about the way thing will be handled in relationship to sex or money, and occasionally career.  This can also indicate doubts about if the work will most fast enough.

At the top these walls are most negative.  They indicate a lack of trust in spirit or spirit’s judgement and sometimes a controlling or negative attitude that can slow the work down.

What to do:

Melt the wall down using any good cleansing oil, blessing oil, and a match or candle.  This will help remove any self-defeating blocks or attitudes that the caster or requester may have.

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A backflow occurs when a trickle of wax starts to form what would normally be, pedal shape but then flows backwards leaving behind it a smooth and concave shape that looks like a empty pool. You can see two examples at the bottom of the photo below.

Backflows indicate someone going back on their word, backing out of an agreement, or reneging on a commitment.

A backflow to the bottom of the plate indicates that a commitment in the sexual or financial area will be backed out of. 

If the backflow occurs to the top of the plate this means that there will be a reversal or reneging on commitments in the area of spirituality, religion, emotion, or politics. This can also indicate a sudden and dramatic reversal of opinion.

On the left side of the plate backflows talk about a previous commitment or contract that has been reneged on already and you are now seeing the effects of that. They also could be a good indicator for up coming lawsuits if contracts, legal matters, or finances are somehow involved in the work.

On the right side of the plate backflows tell us that there will be a dramatic reversal of opinion or commitment. Your work will either cause or be affected by someone going back on their word. Depending on the type of work you may wish to do a reading to determine if your work is going to cause a dramatic reversal of commitment or if you yourself need to be wary of someone making commitments and then changing their mind.

What to Do:

This will vary from situation to situation.  Overall a backflow isn’t a bad sign one way or the other but a signal of up coming actions.

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Flows are signified by a large, fairly smooth sliding of wax. These usually will be moving either clockwise, counterclockwise, or outward from the candle.

Flows of wax are an indication of something moving powerfully and changing in a very dramatic way as a result of your work. They are off on a very good indicator for success depending on the direction of the flow, the area of the plate on which it occurs, and the type of work being done.

With flows it is very important to pay attention to clockwise versus counterclockwise direction. A flow that moves in a clockwise direction is like a river of water bringing something towards the target or the caster. Likewise, a counterclockwise flow is a river moving something away from the target or caster.

A clockwise moving flow is a good indicator for powerful and dramatic change in favor of love work, reconciliation work, prosperity work, or any other drawing and attraction work.

It counterclockwise flow is a very good omen for break up work, uncrossing work, cleansing work, and any variety of work where you are banishing or removing something from the situation.

What to Do:

In general, this is a useful sign and doesn’t require any additional intervention.

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A very unusual wax formation, the cross happens when two pieces of wax form a literal cross shape.

This signifies one of the most absolute indicators of magic being worked against you. When you run into a cross in your work it is an almost certainty that someone has done work that is “crossing” you.

Depending on the other signs in the candle the cross may or may not mean that someone has deliberately crossed you personally with magic. It might be a deliberate work against you. But it may also be that someone has done magic on the situation to achieve the opposite of your goal, or to achieve an end that would somehow block your goal.

If the cross is paired with scorpion signs it means that someone has deliberately done work against you personally. It is also possible that that person is someone that you either currently or used to trust. The location of the cross may tell you what variety of work or what purpose the work serves.

What to Do:

This is a case where a reading is almost certainly need to determin what kind of work has been done, when, by whome, and with what exact intent.

After that, the right kind of cleansing and counter work can be done.

However it is always a good idea to do protection work right away to help block out as much of the negative work as possible.

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Roses occur when a think or wide section of candle curls around itself to make a shape like a blooming rose.

Roses are romance, love, passion, and dating. A very good sign when seeking initiation or renewal of romantic interest. Can also indicate romantic or loving messages to come (especially if the rose is on the right side of the candle or jar which symbolizes the future, communication, and the element or air).

In non-romantic working, roses symbolize goodwill, favour, friendship, and things that will unfold slowly but beautifully.

Roses are almost universally favorable. Even in a separation working where a rose develops on one person’s candle, it is likely to indicate either one sided romance or that the person whos candle developed it will find a new love. (Read the rest of the candle to tell which it is.)

What to Do:

In postive work, this is a good sign and there’s no need to do anything.

However in negative work, especially break up workings, this can indicate that the person being targeted is protect by a natural soulmate bond or a natural love magic. If this is the case, stronger work is needed to see success.