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Candle Reading Zones



A treat for you (and me!) today, Hoodoo Loves! This is an actual excerpt from the candle reading book, that I promise I really am working on! This is not the final draft, but it has some really good information about the very basic foundation of how to read a candle. Check it out!

Candle Zones

To do candle reading one of the first things we have to understand is the different zones of the candle. The zones are the areas where wax formations will occur. The zone that a wax formation is found in will change the meaning of that particular formation.

There are four general zones that govern the past, the future, as well as the physical and nonphysical worlds.

How To Find The Zones

To begin reading our candle we first have to define where the zones are and what they mean.

To do this, place a candle at the center of your plate or work surface. The candle is now your center-point for the work. When you stand directly in front of your candle and look at it head on and this is the area that we referred to as the front.

When you look at the candle from directly above the zones are divided as follows; from the center of the candle to the left, from the center of the candle to the right, from the center of the candle going directly up or away from the front of the work, and from the center of the candle going down towards the front work.

If you have a work using multiple candles each candle will have its own separate zones. In advanced candle reading we can take into account the overall zones of the entire work, but for now, don’t worry about that.

The Four General Zones

Each of the four general zones specifically deals with different areas of reality and how your candle work is affecting them.

The zones to the left and right of the candle deal with time. The candle itself represents this exact present moment. It can also represent the space of time covered by the work itself. It is also important to remember that the candle itself represents the present and the farther a flow of wax goes from the candle the farther it is reaching into any one given direction of time. (More on this below.)

Everything to the left of the candle is the zone of the past. This deals with things that have either already occurred or are still occurring but began before the work itself started.

Everything to the right of the candle represents the future. This handled anything that is starting shortly or has not yet begun. It can also cover things that will begin sometime between the beginning and the end of the work itself.

The centerline from top to bottom that aligns perfectly with the candle also represents the present even though it passes through the zones dealing with the physical and non-physical worlds.

This brings us to the other two general zones. Everything above the candle, or going away from the front of the candle toward the back, deals with the non-physical world.

This covers spirituality, emotions, mind, the realm of dreams, and the realm of the dead. It also deals with anything that is electronic or nonphysical in a digital sense; email, text messages, digital photos, digital money, computer code, and all things that exist purely in a digital reality.

The zone below the candle, or anything from the candle moving towards the front of the work, is the zone that deals with the physical and material realm.

This covers money, sex, the physical body, matters of health, physical objects, property, housing, food and drink, and basically anything that can be experienced in a purely physical way.

The straight-line flows in between these two zones represents the balance point where the nonphysical in the physical meet. Most wax formations that occur a right on that line will have both a physical and spiritual/digital component to them.

The Diagonals

One more important point about the zones is that there are four diagonals existing inside of the previously mentioned four general zones. These diagonals are left/above, left/below, right/above, right/below.

The diagonal zone of left/above is the area that is to the left and also above the center point of the candle.

This deals specifically with things in the non-physical world that have occurred in the past. Past spiritual influences, departed ancestors, past emotional or mental trauma, and passed communication or connection through digital means will show up in this area.

The diagonal zone of left/below is to the left and front of the candle, and deals with that which is from the past but specifically physical or material.

Things pertaining to past business dealings, past sexual relationships, past health issues, and events in the past that affect the physical body, housing, property rights, inheritance, or other material matters will be found here.

The right/above diagonal zone is to the right and back of the candle.

This area focuses on non-physical things which have not yet occurred. This is where you will look for future emotions, predicted crossings over, future digital transactions, and future mental or spiritual transformations.

Lastly, the right/below zone occurs to the right and front of the candle.

This is zone deals exclusively with physical things that have not come into being at this time. Future relationships of a physical nature, future property, money that has not yet come into your life, future changes in the physical body, and as yet unseen business or financial opportunities.

Overall Distance From The Candle

The last thing to take into consideration when looking at the zones of your candle work is the overall distance that any one wax formation is from your actual center-point, which is your candle.

The most efficient way to measure this is to put the candle in the center of a defined area such as a plate.

The candle represents the present moment. Edge of the plate represents the boundaries of the current targets lifetime. (The far left side of the plate will be birth; the far right side of the plate will be final crossing over.) The farther you go away from the candle in any direction on the plate, the farther out in time you are going.

If you are headed into generally left direction from the candle then you are going into the past. If you are headed into generally right direction then you are going into the future.

Although this is not the most efficient thing to look at to determine where something that shows up in your candle work has occurred or will occur, it is important to know this system of measuring time as you will occasionally have wax formations that don’t line up very well with the crosshatch system of the zones described above.

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Hoodoo Flame Reading



Reading the flame of your candle as it burns can add an extra dimension to your understanding of your work.

Here are some of the common things you will see in candle flames and their meanings.


Bright: A nice bright flame indicates that you have chosen the right work and given it enough power to achieve your goals.

Hot: A hot flame indicates good energy and the ability to power through resistance to your goal. A flame that is too hot may indicate you are being too heavy-handed. Gentler work may be needed.

Dances: Dancing flames indicate spiritual communication in your favor. The spirits are participating and wish you to know that they are assisting you towards achieving your goals. This is an especially good omen for candles offered to saints, ancestors, and other specific spirits. If dancing flame shows up when you are not specifically working with spirits it is an indication that there is a spirit present who wishes to assist you and/or communicate and work with you.

Pops: Popping sounds, which may be accompanied by small explosions of wax, indicate barriers being broken and obstacles being removed. Large explosions of wax or extraordinarily loud pops may indicate extremely dramatic changes that will help you obtain your goals but may have unexpected consequences.

Yellow Flame: A yellow flame is a healthy sign, indicating that work is proceeding well and encountering no major obstacles. It is also a positive sign for your work having its exact desired effect.

White Smoke: The presence of white smoke indicates spiritual assistance. Someone in the spirit realm wishes you to know they are helping you achieve your goals. May also indicate a certain spirit has a desire to communicate with or work with you.

Dim: Dim flame indicates conflicting magic or goals, or lack of clear intent. It can also indicate a lack of power. And also indicate an exhausted practitioner.

Cool: A cool flame indicates slow acting or sluggish work. You may be approaching the problem from the wrong angle.

Flickers: A flame that flickers, threatening to go out, indicates that there is not enough power in the work to make the changes being requested by the practitioner. Add more prayers, and if led by spirit to do so, more ingredients may be needed.

Blue Flame: Blue flames indicate that the work is going to have unexpected and probably and desired results. It is best to stop work, do a reading, and rethink the strategy of the work. Cleansing may also be necessary before work and proceed.

Goes Out: A flame going out is a strong indication that this type of work will not be effective for the intended goal. Can also indicate a lack of power or an exhausted practitioner. Cleansing may be necessary before work can be done on this issue.

Black Smoke: Black smoke indicates the presence of spiritual opposition to your work. If black smoke continues all throughout the work you’re target has been protected from or resisted your work.


Sparks: Sparks indicate conflict, proactive and uncomfortable change, or aggressive action.

Hissing: hissing indicates whispering, gossiping, spreading rumors, or information being traded through secret or confidential means.

Whistling: Whistling, more traditionally called “wailing”, indicates that somebody associated with the situation either has been or will be shedding tears or loudly complaining very soon. Can also indicate severe physical pain.

Because flame is very sensitive to spiritual influences it can give a much more nuanced reading when you pair its information with traditional wax reading.

The best way to understand what any given sign in a flame means is to look at the wax formations that have most recently occurred in the candle and add the flames information to the wax reading. (For example, if you have just had a scorpion form and the flame is also suddenly displaying black smoke this may indicate that someone you should ordinarily trust is actively working magic against your goal.)


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Candle Reading: Backflows



Backflows indicate someone going back on their word, backing out of an agreement, or reneging on a commitment.

A backflow occurs when a trickle of wax starts to form what would normally be, pedal shape but then flows backward leaving behind it a smooth and concave shape that looks like an empty pool. You can see two examples at the bottom of the photo below.

A backflow to the bottom of the plate indicates that a commitment in the sexual or financial area will be backed out of. This is an extremely negative indicator for marriages and engagements predicting that someone is going to back out at the last moment. It is also a bad sign for major purchases indicating that either the buyer or the seller is going to fail to come through on their commitments, or possibly that funding will not be available all the previously promised.

If the backflow occurs to the top of the plate this means that there will be a reversal or reneging on commitments in the area of spirituality, religion, emotion, or politics. This can also indicate a sudden and dramatic reversal of opinion. It is also a strong indicator for failure to provide digital or electronic services that were previously agreed-upon.

On the left side of the plate backflows talk about a previous commitment or contract that has been reneged on already and you are now seeing the effects of that. They also could be a good indicator for upcoming lawsuits if contracts, legal matters, or finances are somehow involved in the work.

On the right side of the plate backflows tell us that there will be a dramatic reversal of opinion or commitment. Your work will either cause or be affected by someone going back on their word. Depending on the type of work you may wish to do a reading to determine if your work is going to cause a dramatic reversal of commitment or if you yourself need to be wary of someone making commitments and then changing their mind.

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How to Read Candle Wax

~°~ How To Read Candle Wax ~°~

This graphic shows part of how to read candle wax. Look at where the wax flows on the plate or surface or jar.

In general, wax that flows upwards away from you is dealing with issues that are spiritual. Wax that flows downward is dealing with issues in the material world.

Wax to your left is dealing with the past and wax to the right deals with the future.

Look at the shapes that you see in the wax to determine exactly what it is talking about in each one of these areas.

For example, in a love working a heart on the left side of your candle indicates love that occurred in the past. It might mean that it is past life love being brought forward, or that the Love has existed exclusively in the past and must be rekindled.

A heart on the right side would indicate love that is coming to be in the future. The closer than it is to the candle the more quickly that love will be kindled.

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Candle Reading: Scorpions



These photos are a beautiful example of a scorpion wax formation. (This is an emotional healing spell.)

A scorpion signifies betrayal, breach of trust, or deep, hidden issues.

In love work it often indicates there has been infedelity or is on going infedelity. It can also signify a breach of trust in another area of the relationship.

In money spells it indicates dishonest dealings or deceit.

In works of healing it often indicates that the person has been or is being actively harmed on some level.

It’s important to see what happens to the scorpion to know what action to take.

If the candle itself melts it down then the working has handled it and removed the betrayal or deceit. (This is what happened in the photo here.)

If the scorpion is still visible when the flame goes out, pray over another candle to remove negativity and use the flame to melt the scorpion shape completely.

It’s good to follow up with protection work there after to prevent further betrayal or trust breaking.