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Candle Reading: Rolls



A wax roll on a candle is reasonably uncommon. These shapes occur to let us know that the energy of this work is wrapping around someone in a way that smothers them or diminishes their power and conforms them to the will of the spell.

Rolls are similar to nets in that both of them indicate that your target is going to be tangled up inside of the magic.

However, rolls are considered to be much gentler and much more positive. They have an energy of gently but firmly persuading someone to come around to your point of view. Think of wrapping someone in a gigantic blanket and bear hug until they agreed to do what you want them to do.

Rolls are very good signs in love work because they indicate that your love is going to surround of the target and overcome resistance.

In separation or break up work roles indicate an overwhelming feeling of sadness, despondency, or depression is going to overtake the target with regards to the relationship or situation you wish to separate them from.

With other types of work, in general, this shape indicates that the magic is going to overwhelm intended target but at the same time the target will ultimately be pleased or at least excepting of that situation.

When a roll appears at the top of the plate it indicates specifically that the magic is going to overwhelm the thoughts, emotions, or spiritual power of the target or situation.

At the bottom of the plate, it indicates that the spell is going put the target under heavy influence in the area of sex, money, health, or material goods.

On the left, a roll is slightly negative indicating that someone is already influenced by something that is very overpowering and may be difficult to free them from. This is almost always indicates cleansing is needed when it is directly to the center-left of the plate.

On the right-hand side of the plate, a roll foretells of future success of the spell in making the target conform peacefully and completely to the goals of the practitioner.


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Candle Reading: Reverse Scorpions


Reverse scorpions are extremely uncommon. In my time of burning candles, this is only the second clear-cut one I have ever seen.

A reverse scorpion occurs when a curl of wax bends a hooked tail backward, up against gravity, like a real live scorpion tail. (Seen here on the left side of a “net/roll” of wax.)

They have a very interesting and complicated meaning.

Reverse scorpions have a complicated relationship with that original meaning. First of all, it is important to remember that they do not signify a reversal of betrayal. They do not indicate restitution. They do not indicate someone has become trustworthy.

What they do indicate is that someone or something in the situation has stopped betraying the practitioner or target and started betraying someone else in favor of the practitioner or target.

It best to think of it like this: A traitor is still a traitor, but now they are betraying in your favor.

Reverse scorpions also have a connotation of the person or situation now betraying the very same person that they originally committed betrayal with.

In love matters this kind of wax formation indicates to former love rivals are going to find themselves on the same team temporarily. It is important to remember that one of these people was a traitor before, is still a traitor now, and should not be trusted. However, their interests will be temporarily aligned.

In matters of career, reverse scorpions speak of someone with extreme ambition or malice who turns their coat with the wind and probably betrayed the practitioner or target in a very impersonal way. This person is likely to be power-hungry and will betray anyone if they think that it gets them ahead. The advantage is that such a person is likely to be very good at the trails that help the people they are trying to align with and this betrayal will probably bring advantage to the target or practitioner. But such a person is also very dangerous and the target/practitioner must keep in mind that they should not share confidences with the traitor.

In cleansing work, such as this, there’s a slightly different and somewhat more positive meaning. The traitor is probably going to admit their original betrayal. They may be deliberately exposing themselves exclusively to get back at someone else. They may actually feel guilty and temporarily want to change sides. It indicates a revealing of truth and clearing up of circumstances.

The location on the candle of where the river scorpion shows up indicates a lot about the particular betrayal that is being reversed but does not necessarily give you a timeframe or indication of where the reversal will occur.

For example, a reverse scorpion at the bottom of the plate is likely to indicate that the betrayal in question originally occurred in the area of sex or money and is going to be reversed in the same area.

A reverse scorpion at the top of the plate indicates that the original betrayal was digital, spiritual, or communication-based. And the turncoat is choosing to reverse their tactics in the practitioner or target’s favor.

Reverse scorpions to the left indicate the original betrayal was in the past.

To the right, indicates a future betrayal that is likely to be extremely complicated as it will involve an original betrayal, reversal of betrayal, and probably a third double cross by the person doing all the reversing.

There is disagreement among practitioners about if these should or should not be melted down. Usually, the best thing to do with a regular scorpion is to melt it down and render the traitor powerless.

However, since a reverse scorpion reveals a trader who has already betrayed someone and is now turning that treachery to the advantage of the practitioner, some people prefer to leave these formations intact.

It is always wise if you do this, however, to do some additional protection work. Reverse the scorpions are temporary allies, but they will almost always sting you, a second time, in the end.


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Candle Reading: Double Scorpions


Scorpions are one of the most universally negative symbols and candle reading. They indicate betrayal, doublecrossing, infidelity, and underhandedness or manipulation.

A double scorpion indicates that there are two people who are betraying the target or the worker.

If the two scorpions are in the same area of the candle in the two traitors are likely working together. If they are in different areas of the candle, such as opposite sides, then the target or the worker is being betrayed by different people in different ways. However, the betrayals will always relate back to something to do with the work that is being done.

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Candle Reading: Scorpions




Scorpions form when a piece of wax bends backward away from the candle, looking much like an actual scorpion tail. These formations indicate betrayal, broken trust, and backstabbing.  The location of the scorpion tells much about who the traitor may be, what kind of betrayal is involved, and how it will affect the work.

On the left side of the plate, scorpions reveal a betrayal that has already taken place and is likely still having a powerful effect on the situation at hand.

On the right side, they refer to future betrayals or behavior and choices what will be seen as betrayals even if not intended as such.

At the top of the plate, scorpions specifically indicate that the betrayal is spiritual, emotional, or digital in nature.  This is also the area where betrayals concerning communication and gossip will usually show up.

Scorpions at the bottom of the plate deal specifically with financial, sexual, and health-related betrayal.

In love work, this is a very negative sign and almost always indicates infidelity or impure intentions. If they occur at the top of the plate this is more likely to be a betrayal by virtue of communication; such as speaking with someone the target promised to cut off.  At the bottom of the plate, they show cheating physically and possibly financial deceit.

In money work, theses shapes warn of two-timing and double-dealing.  Beware of price gouging, refusal to pay debts, and shady business schemes. This is especially true is inheritance or legal matters are involved.

Scorpions should be neutralized by praying over them to remove the traitor and their power, and then melting the shape itself down with matches or candles blessed with clearance oil.

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Candle Burn Time Number





One of the most important parts of candle reading is timing the burn of the candle to get an idea of the timeframe for the success of your work.

It is always best to start a timer whenever you are burning your candle work and record the amount of time that it burns in total. If you sniff it out, stop the timer and make a note of the amount of time. Restart the timer when you re-light the candle.

Below are some of the most important numbers that you can get when calculating a candle burn time. These each have specific almonds that help to determine what you can expect in results for the work.

It is very important to note that the number 13 here is extremely positive for cursing work but negative for just about everything else.

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Candle Reading: Mountains and Freestanding Mountains




Mountains in candle reading symbolize obstacles in general. The area that the mountain occurs tells a lot about what type of obstacle it may be and what steps maybe taking to get rid of it.

To the left, mountains reveal past events, feelings, or problems that block the path ahead.

To the right, the foretell of future blockages that may need to be cleared or protected against.

At the top of the plate, mountains reveal spiritual or emotional matters that are slowing or blocking progress.

At the bottom of the plate, they reveal blocks in the areas of money, health, sex, and location.

Most of the time it is best to melt down any mountains that are left standing at the end of the work with a match or candles blessed with clearance or blockbuster oil.  This ensures that the obstacle will be removed and the work can flow forward.



Freestanding mountains are an interesting and fairly uncommon shape in candle reading. They indicate an obstacle that is detached from the current situation but still specifically affecting it.

They most typically form by creating a normal mountain connected to the candle but then the wax melts and a clear separation between the candle and the mountain shape forms.

When a mountain is freestanding it lets us know that whatever the blockages is separated in someway from the actual situation we are working on.

Just like with regular mountains, the location of the mountain plays a big role in interpreting the area of blockage.

Freestanding Mountains that are to the top of the candle reflect blockages in the non-physical/spiritual/mental/emotional area.

To the bottom they indicate blockages in the area of money/sex/physical health/property.

To the left they indicate situations from the past.

To the right they foretell of problems in the future.

In love work a freestanding mountain is a particularly frustrating sign as it indicates that something that is totally separate from the love situation is influencing the outcome. In this example photo, which comes from a love binding work, this freestanding mountain tells us that outside influences are playing a major role in the problems we are trying to solve.

In love work freestanding mountains to the left-hand side indicate a past event or influence, or possibly trauma, that is causing continued problems in the relationship. To the right they tell that the timing for this relationship may simply not be good right now as other matters are going to interfere with the process of the relationship in the future. To the top of the candle they say that mental health or spiritual issues may be a blockage, and can tell sometimes that there is a religious or cultural factor interfering in the relationship. At the bottom they indicate that financial, career, or health considerations separate from the relationship are going to have a major impact.

In love work it is particularly important to watch out for freestanding mountains on the left lower hand side of the working as this often indicates sexual abuse or physical trauma that is causing problems in the relationship.

In money working these formations are a little less frustrating as they indicate situations to be coped with rather than problems specifically. To the left they indicate past deeds or choices that may be limiting current options. Road opening work is almost always indicated in this type of situation. To the right they foretell of potential responsibilities and obstacles, especially with career work. Again, Road opening work is indicated. At the top of the plate they usually specifically indicate that education, but a qualification, or better connection to people is needed to get the financial help being requested. At the bottom they speak of trouble with economy, location, or desired physical manifestation of the money.

The most negative form of freestanding mountains usually occurs in healing work. Freestanding mountains in healing work, regardless of where they appear, symbolize an outside influence that is actively causing harm. At the bottom of the plate they usually indicate a physical influence such as an environmental toxins or bad lifestyle choice. At the top that indicate a mental health issue, or sometimes particularly issues dealing with environment and emotional content. To the left they indicate that the situation currently is being made worse by past influences that caused degeneration. To the right they indicate that the target is going to continue to make a choice of some variety that will continue to worsen whatever the practitioner trying to heal. Perhaps worst of all, the indicate an uncooperative target in about 99 of 100 situations. Usually the fix in this situation is to talk to the target directly and try to figure out what choice is being made that is continuing to cause worsening health.

The best solution when these type of formations appear is to get a good reading and make sure you have a good understanding and definition of exactly what is going on to cause this formation to show up.

The overall takeaway should always be that you may have to do counterintuitive work. Are you getting freestanding mountains on your love work? It’s possible you actually need to do prosperity work for the relationship to succeed. Are you getting freestanding mountains on your money work? Maybe the problem is the location or source that you are seeking the money from. Perhaps a spell to get money from a different source would work better.

My favorite story about freestanding mountains actually comes from a hot foot working. The client had a particularly noxious neighbor that they wanted to get rid of. No matter what they did they would continue to get freestanding mountains on any hot foot or banishment working. The neighbor did not move, but things got perpetually worse between the client and the neighbor. Eventually a reading was done and it was discovered that because of a legal matter the neighbor was not able to leave and really didn’t want to be there anymore than the client one of them there. Some road opening and law stay away work behalf of the neighbor produced almost immediate results.

The bottom line is; when you get a freestanding mountain it maybe time to think outside of the box about how you are solving the problem.

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Candle Reading: Hooks


Hooks, much like mountains, indicate obstacles that maybe getting in the way of the work. Anytime hook appears it is specifically making the practitioner aware that there was an obstacle that is particularly deep-seated, long-standing, or difficult to remove.

Hooks are separated from scorpions by the fact that they lean inward toward the candle but do not curl backwards like a scorpions tale. Imagine a fishhook trapped in the flesh of whatever area of the targets life is being worked on.

hooks a very interesting specifically because they indicate that removing this particular obstacle may have painful or negative consequences. They also call for extreme care to be used in whatever method is employed for removing the block.

In general the best way to deal with hooks is to pray or do a reading and seek guidance about what type of hook/obstacle is being indicated. Often a hook up here is because the obstacle in question is a very deeply connected part of the target’s reality, identity, or daily life.

With mountains, the bigger the hook, the bigger the problem.

The location of the hook tells a lot about what type of blockage it is and how deep the damage may go.

At the top of the plate, which deals with the nonphysical realms, hooks usually indicate spiritual or mental conditions that form a significant stumbling block.

Spell work can show up in this area although it is not necessarily cursing specifically. It might simply be a spell that has a counterproductive and aim to the work the practitioner is currently doing.

Mental illness will frequently show up in this area as well. If the target in question has known mental health issues this may be making the practitioner aware that the issues in question are not as simple as basic depression/anxiety but maybe more along the lines of psychosis, personality disorder, or severe PTSD.

Hooks that show up at the lower side of the plate, which deals with physical and financial, have a wider range of problems that they can indicate. They may indicate issues with debt, education, location, or housing. They also indicate incarceration, probation, or some other condition that prevents the target from being mobile.

This is also where major health issues often show up. Permanent STDs, incurable diseases and conditions, paralysis, degenerative disease, severely Trumatic injury resulting in the loss of physical mobility or a significant reduction in lifespan. All of these things can be indicated by hook. Again; the bigger the hook, the bigger the problem. A small hook might indicate a health problem that will be ongoing and annoying but is not necessarily life-threatening. And extremely large hook might indicate a major health issue. But it is going to depend on the life context of the specific target.

Hooks that appear to the left are very interesting specifically because they indicate strongly that the targets past is a very solid and very resistant block to whatever the work is. This is almost always were hooks will appear in love work. Usually indicates emotional trauma. It is foretelling of cultural or family problems.

Interestingly enough this is also where things like major life events like marriages, the birth of children, a major crimes committed in the past, etc. will probably show up if they are a factor in the work.

To the right hooks are strangely negative because they usually indicate that something about what the practitioner is currently doing is going to create a problem with their own goal. When they appear to the right it is best to stop work entirely until reading can be done to determine exactly what the problem is. Then the work can be adjusted accordingly.

Overall, although hooks are negative sign, they’re also extremely useful because they give very specific information about the type, severity, and depth of obstacle that is getting in the way of the goal.

In general when a hook appears the best way to handle it is to anointed with clearance oil or some type of blockbusting oil and remove it very gently and slowly over the course of the work with a candle or matches. Sometimes hooks will require separate work in order to clear the specific issue that they represent. But they are also very useful for letting the practitioner know exactly where the obstacles to success stand.

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Candle Reading: Roses



These are one of my absolute favorite formations in any candle reading. A rose occurs when wax coils up around itself forming a literal shape of a rose. Often roses start out or appear to be starting out as scorpions, rolls, or nets.

Roses are romance, love, passion, and soulmate bounds. They are a very positive sign when seeking romance of any kind. They also may indicate romantic or loving messages.

In non-romantic working, roses symbolize goodwill, favor, friendship, and things that will unfold slowly but beautifully.

Roses are almost universally favorable. Even in a separation working where a rose develops on one person’s candle, it is likely to indicate either one-sided romance or that the person whos candle developed it will find a new love. (Read the rest of the candle to tell which it is.)

One of the most positive places to see a rose is in work for fertility. In works design to bring children into the life of the practitioner or target roses indicate spiritual blessing and favor being granted. They also have a strong maternal aspect indicating spiritual protection and assistance with the pregnancy to come.

At the top of the candle, roses indicate blessing specifically in the nonphysical area and are likely to be very emotional. These roses indicate true love or true spiritual favor. They can also indicate specifically communication about romance or love matters that comes through a digital/non-physical source.

To the bottom of the candle, roses are much more sexual and sensual. They indicate passion, lust, luxury, expendable income, extreme physical beauty, or physical transformation towards beauty and eroticism.

On the left, as in the photo seen, roses indicate past life connections, old flames, or sources of blessing and prosperity coming from a source in the past.

On the right, they foretell of messages of love, luck, and goodwill. They are also a very lucky symbol specifically in marriage work indicating a proposal will be forthcoming very soon.

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Candle Reading: Secondary Flames



Whenever an additional flame appears on a candle is an indication of another person or entity showing up.

If the flame strengthens the main candle flame then the person is entering the situation and/or going to remain. This can also indicate that the person is going to be an ally to the work if the work in question is being done specifically to draw in support in some way.

If the secondary flame moves away from or stays permanently separated from the main candle flame then the second person is moving away from the situation or will be cut out.

Whether this is positive or negative depends greatly on the work.

For example, in a work to attract new love a new flame appearing in merging with the main flame would indicate a new lover coming in. On the other hand, a flame separating from the main flame would indicate an old lover leaving, or a situation being released.

In a banishing work a flame that appears and then strengthens the main flame would indicate that the person you were trying to banish is resisting the work. On the other hand, a flame that ignited and then dissipated would be an indication that the vanishing has succeeded in separating someone from the situation.

In business workings, secondary flames that appear and stay indicate a new partnership, merger, or possibly competition. Secondary flames that leave indicate that someone may be backing out of the situation or leaving a company.

Secondary flames that stay are an extremely good omen for workings regarding selling a house or getting a roommate as they indicate that someone will be arriving soon. This is especially positive if they appear on the lower half of the plate because in that position they indicate someone who has good financial resources.

On the other hand secondary flames that move away or extinguish in work designed to sell a house or get a roommate indicate that someone will be leaving or backing out of the contract. This would be a good omen for banishing nasty neighbors or getting rid of a tenant you did not like.

In work designed to break up couples, groups, or friendships a flame that appears and then moves away from the main flame, later to be extinguished before the main flame burns out, indicates that one person will be leaving the situation before the other.

For example, if you targeted John to make him leave Susie, but you get a separating secondary flame, that is an indication that Susie is actually going to be the one who leaves John. On the other hand, if you targeted both John and Susie in your petition then there may actually be a third-party who will be exiting the situation as a result of your work.

It’s good to read other signs in the wax to see what is facilitating the appearance or disappearance of this second individual or entity.

If scorpion shapes appear on a candle that had a disappearing secondary flame it indicates that someone will be leaving the situation over a betrayal of trust specifically.

If the work has backflows then the person entering or leaving will be doing so because of broken contracts or agreements.

If you get a trail of tears surrounding a secondary flame it indicates that the person represented by that flame will either experience or cause a lot of emotional distress. Healing or cleansing work may be necessary.

A secondary flame that shows up on a money or prosperity working on the lower side of the plate and then extinguishes may indicate theft or swindling. Watch out for scandal.

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Candle Reading: Flows


Flows of wax are an indication of something moving powerfully and changing in a very dramatic way as a result of your work. They are off on a very good indicator of success depending on the direction of the flow, the area of the plate on which it occurs, and the type of work being done.

Flows on the right side of the plate indicate dramatic change and powerful movement of energy and emotion in the future. On the left side of the indicate powerful change or movement related issues of the past. Flows at the top of the plate correspond to changes in the nonphysical, digital, emotional, or spiritual world. While flows at the bottom of the plate tell us about changes in the area of property, money, sex, physical health, or the physical world in general.

With flows it is very important to pay attention to clockwise versus counterclockwise direction. A flow that moves in a clockwise direction it’s like a river of water bringing something towards the target or the caster. Likewise, a counterclockwise flow is a river moving something away from the target or caster.

It counterclockwise flow is a very good omen for break up work, uncrossing work, cleansing work, and any variety of work where you are banishing or removing something from the situation.

A clockwise moving flow is a good indicator for powerful and dramatic change in favor of love work, reconciliation work, prosperity work, or any other drawing and attraction work.

In love work especially flows indicate powerful emotions that are either pulling the target in (clockwise) or pushing them away (counterclockwise).

In this particular photograph we had a very unusual type of flow that I wanted to share specifically today.

This flow first went right and then upwards going counterclockwise. Then it turned around and began to flow the opposite direction going right and then clockwise. The specific interpretation here indicates that there will be what seems like a dramatic negative event or something that is exactly the opposite of what the work is desiring, and that will quickly be reversed completely in a very dramatic “about face” of circumstance. In the money working this might indicate that a major loss will be rapidly followed by a major game. In a love working it indicates that a negative turn of the relationship will quickly be followed by a dramatic improvement.