Candle Reading

Candle reading, also called ceromancy, is a wonderful way to add depth and power to your hoodoo and other candle spells.  Miss Avi has collected, curated, and shared many photos and explanations of some of the most useful and meaningful shapes that wax can create.



 How To Do A Candle Reading

  1. Set your candle up and decide which way is the ‘front’ of the candle before lighting.
  2. Light the candle and time the total amount of hours that the candle burns.  Burn times should be rounded to the nearest hour. Click here for more info on burn times.
  3. Take photos and make notes of the candle throughout the burn time.  Especially notice sounds, changes in the flame, and changes in the wax.
  4. When possible, note the hour that specific wax shapes or sound first show up.
  5. Interpret the overall results using the information below. (Below are some graphics and photos to help you interpret your own candle burns.)
  6. Meltdown negative shapes with matches or candles dressed with an appropriate oil to remove them such as clearance or healing oil.
  7. Note the timeframe, calculated by the burn time, on your calendar to keep track of results.
  8. Dispose of the remains.

Here is a video on the basics of how to read a candle:

Candle Reading Zones

These zones provide insight into what area of the situation each wax formation is speaking about.

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Hoodoo Flame Reading

The flame of your candle can provide additional information about the situation, your target, and what results to expect.

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How to Dispose of Spell Remains

Here is some basic info on how to dispose of spell work when you are done.


Backflows indicate change of mind, breaking an agreement, or choosing not to renew a contract.

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Flows show powerful energy or emotion moving in your work. The direction and zone of the flow tell what kind of emotion and how it effects the results.

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Secondary Flames

Secondary flames reveal a seprate person or entity that is involed in the situation or will help or hinder the results.

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Roses indicate favor, blessing, good luck, and soulmate love.

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Hooks show an obstacle to success that is unusually painful, deep-seated, or long-term. They usually require separate cleansing or healing work to resolve.

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Mountains and Freestanding Mountains

Mountains indicate blockages or obstacles to the work. Free-standing mountains show blocks to the work that have nothing directly to do with the situation or goal you are seeking but still affect it.

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These shapes reveal that someone is ‘all tied up’ and cannot move because of being strongly influenced or confined.

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Rolls show gentle but irresistible pressure, possibly from a magical source, is strongly but gently affecting the situation or target.

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Scorpions tell of betrayal, infidelity, and dishonesty. They indicate lies and toxic behavior.

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Double Scorpions

Double scorpions show that more than one traitor or betrayal is strongly affecting the situation or outcome of the work.

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Reverse Scorpions

(Lower left side of wax roll.)

Reverse scorpions reveal that a traitor will change their mind and become an ally.

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Trail of Tears

This wax shape show intense emotion, usually literal tears, will be released before your final goal is achieved. They foretell deep feelings.

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These shapes show that something will have a huge impact on the results of your work. The location and origin shape reveal what and how.

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Swirled Wax

This reveals that your work will stir up old or hidden feelings, traumas, or stimulate the target to develop powerful emotions.


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This shape warns that someone is working against you or your goals directly.

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This formation foretells something bouncing back to its original condition, power, or health.

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Backward Moving Spiral Pattern

Things will seem to be moving away from your goal but are actually moving towards it. Counterintuitive results indicated.

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This shape shows female sexuality, magic, and power effect this work in a meaningful way.

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This shape foretells that something in your work will have unexpectely far reaching effects.

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This shape shows someone is being dominated, probably against their will.

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