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Candle Reading: Overflows


An overflow occurs when wax flows off of the plate or surface that you are working on and spreads out on the surface beneath. These are very interesting and somewhat uncommon formation in candle reading.

Overflows indicate far-reaching effects, wide spread impact, and things that reach farther into the past or future than originally suspected.

Overflows that occur at the bottom of the plate usually show powerful impact in the physical world and off and specifically deals with money or property.

Overflows at the top of the plate typically deal with the collective unconscious, far-reaching karmic matters, and intense psychic or spiritual issues. They can also indicate mental health issues that are much more severe than originally thought.

If the overflow occurs on the right side of the plate this indicates that the issue it is referring to reaches far into the past of the target. Often the specifically refers to things that go back to childhood or even into a past life.

And overflow on the left side of the plate indicate something that is far reaching into the future or will continue to have ripple effects for a long period of time. This is also almost always an indication that the work will have somewhat slow results and/or require a lot of time to manifest fully.

It is always important to look at what exactly the overflow has turned into in order to know how to interpret it. In general and overflow indicates that something is extra powerful and has an extra far-reaching consequences or result. However, the shape of the overflow takes will tell you what kind of consequence or result that is.

For example; the overflow in this particular photograph forms several backflows. Backflows deal specifically with going back on agreements, changing one’s mind, or terminating a former contract or arrangement. (You can read more about those here; )

On the other hand, a regular flow would indicate that the energy of this working is going to ripple out and be so powerful that it rewrites the entire circumstance or path of everything associated with it. Flows indicate powerful movements of energy or emotion and so when they overflow off of the plate they are specially strong.

Petals that form off of the plate indicate a very long or far reaching sequence of steps or events that are all connected to each other. They often indicate an especially long and complicated past that must be walked between the target in the goal. These are usually a good indicator that road opening work should be done.

One more thing; it is very important not to confuse overflows with spatterings or explosions of wax that leave droplets or disconnected blotches of wax off the plate. It is also important to not confuse them with removals which may sometimes be flung off of the candle and land away from the plate. Those two formations have separate meanings that do not correspond to the same energy as the overflows.

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Candle Reading: Cages


A cage occurs when a candle hollows out its own middle and leaves a shell of wax on the outside that resembles a birdcage.

Cages have quite a few potential meanings depending on the type of work being done. They are not usually interpreted based on areas of the plate because they are almost always centrally located to the candle.

In order for something to qualify as a full cage it must go the majority of the way around the candle. (So for example, a cage like shape that is only on the left or right side would indicate different properties and be considered a different type of formation.)

Cages first and foremost indicate powerful domination. Something or someone in the work is being absolutely, categorically forced to comply with the something.

In proactive work such as love work, break up work, cursing work, or prosperity work Cages are usually a positive sign for success. They indicate that your target or goal is going to be forced to comply with your wishes. However this also carries the message that probably what you want to happen would not otherwise happen.

This can become particularly important in love work. In love workings a cage indicates that someone is going to be doing what the practitioner wants them to do but also clearly registers that if the magic was not in place they would not be behaving that way. This indicates that they are holding emotions that would be opposite of the behavior of the magic is making them demonstrate. It can be an indicator that further emotional or sweetening work should be done. It can also be heads up to the practitioner that healing or protective work maybe needed in order to continue seeing positive results from the working long-term. (this is especially true if scorpions, gnarls, or swirling wax appears in the same work.)

In cleansing work cages have a different meaning all together. They indicate that the cleansing itself is probably causing the target pain and suffering because something about the cleansing is fundamentally incompatible with something going on in the targets life. Think of the idea of scrubbing a patch of skin until it is raw and bleeding. That is what cage in a cleansing work indicates. The target has either been over cleansed, or cleansing is simply the wrong type of work to do to solve the problem. Usually this is because healing work, cut and clear work, or just some old fashioned patience is required. It doesn’t matter how many times you wash a broken leg; it is still a broken leg and requires healing. And sometimes it doesn’t matter how many times you scrub something, it’s just going to take a little while to get better. Stop washing.

Lastly and most interestingly when a cage appears in an offer and candle it is an extraordinarily rare and usually positive sign. It indicates a spirit is either bound to you or binding you to them. Usually it indicates that the spirit is choosing to be bound to you. It off and specifically is away for a spirit to signal that they have bound themselves to a physical shape or entity in your life, such as a familiar animal or object.

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Candle Reading: Orchids


Orchids form in a candle when the candle splits on one or more sides and folds back to reveal the wick, much like the petals of a flower.

This candle formations symbolize feminine energy, sexuality, and the divine power of women’s work, will, and being.

Orchids are extremely common in workings dealing with anything sexual related specifically to a woman. Work to make a woman lust for a particular person will often show orchids. Work in lesbian relationship often shows orchids. And orchids will also form in works of personal power or road opening for women in general.

By default an orchid always is located more or less at the center of the candle that creates it. However the direction that the orchid opens can give a little bit of insight into what the orchid is indicating specifically in this case.

An orchid that opens to the left indicates feminine power or sexuality that has been lost or is part of the past. It can indicate that a woman wishes to regain power. It is also often seen when a female in the situation is desiring to return her physical body to a level of power, strength, or beauty associated with her past.

An orchid that opens to the right indicates the opposite transformation. It often indicates a woman who is just coming into her sexuality or sexual power. It can indicate coming of age or that the woman being worked on is very young. It also can indicate someone who is increasing their fertility or actively seeking to become pregnant.

And orchid that opens to both the left and right shows female power that flows through span of time. It often indicates a specific female presents that is affecting the goal or outcome of the work. This female presence has been there in the past, is there in the present, and will continue to be there in the future. This commonly indicates mothers, long-term romantic partners, and female mentors such as teachers or coaches.

An orchid that opens to the bottom of the plate is probably one of the most sexual formations possible to see in work. It indicates feminine beauty, lust, desirability, and the specific desire for sex. It also often communicates the specific desire for a full reproductive experience going from selecting a mate, experiencing physical intimacy, conceiving, carrying a child, bearing the child, and raising the child with the father. Men who see this shape in workings done to attract a female lover should be cautious because the lower being drawn and is probably specifically interested in having children.

And orchid that points to the top of the plate is almost exactly the opposite. This indicates feminine power on a non-physical level. Divine beauty, priestesses, goddesses, and the desire to connect to one spiritual heritage as a woman are contained in this shape. It can often indicate a female practitioner is somehow affecting the situation. It can also show that a woman in the situation is very virginal, or possibly even puritanical about their attitudes towards sex. Depending on the type of working this may indicate that the woman question need some healing and grounding work to bring her sexuality out of her mind and spirit and into her body.

Orchids also are strongly correlated with success in any industry were beauty and feminine influence is required. When seen in money working’s in particular they indicate that charm and seduction will be required in order to succeed. This does not necessarily have to be sexual seduction. It may simply have to do with convincing clients or prospective employers that you really are the best. But when orchids appear in money working charm is definitely going to be needed and probably a lot of preparation to make yourself or your business look as good as possible.

In love workings they do indicate sex, fertility, beauty, lust, and feminine power. They also usually indicate that a female is the one who has the upper hand in the romantic situation. Look at the other signs in the work because this will not necessarily be a female that is targeted by or requesting the work. It can indicate an outside female force. This is especially true when this shape appears alongside scorpions or along side flows of wax into the past/left zone of the candle.

Overall orchids are usually positive symbols but even when they are indicating something less positive it is not usually a good idea to melt them down. Orchids tends to state a condition of facts rather than indicate something that can be changed in the current working.

In other words; if you see an orchid usually the best response is to get a reading on exactly what area this orchid is affecting and what is indicating and determine from there if further work needs to be done to change the outcome or the energy factor that produced the orchid.

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Candle Reading: Backward Moving Spiral Pattern



This candle shows a clockwise flow pattern with one very important variation.

Individual pieces of wax may seem to flow counterclockwise but the overall swirl of the wax is clockwise.

Clockwise flows mean something is coming towards the target or you. Counterclockwise spirals are sending something away from the target or you.

Because this flow is made of many Individual flows of wax that seem to slide counterclockwise but the overall whole is a clockwise spiral it indicates that the results of this work will develop step by step, sometimes seeming to go the wrong direction, but always working ultimately towards the goal.

A good example of this type is doing a break-up work, then seeing the couple choose to take a second honeymoon. This might seem like a disaster but when they discover on the honeymoon that they have nothing at all in common and break up because they spent all the time alone, you will have achieved your goal. Or maybe you do a work to get someone fired and they get promoted, but then can’t do the job and get fired.

In love work, it may mean the target will disappear or seem uninterested. But in reality, they will have a chance to miss their beloved and this renews their feelings and interest in the relationship.

Any time this shows up in a work, extra patience and a trust that the spirits know what they are doing will likely be required.

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Candle Reading: Springs/Curls



One of the most straight forward but least common candle formations, springs are a coiled ribbon of wax that makes a spiral pattern. Often these start out as or appear at first to be scorpions.

Springs indicated that something will be renewed or will “bounce back” to its original form. They are an excellent sign for cleansing work, telling you that your energy has been restored to its natural or original state.

In love matters they indicate that things will start over or return to their last point before the problem you are trying to correct began. They are a wonderful sign in lover return work. In new love work they indicate an old relationship will renew so they may or may not be a good sign, depending on your intent.

On the left, springs say that a situation from the past will be restored or healed but not necessarily make much future change.

On the right the indicate that something that was lost will be restored or returned.

At the top of the plate springs speak of spiritual renewal. They also indicate the renewal of pre-existing subscriptions, contracts, or agreements. Fun fact: this often shows up specifically when dealing with cell phone companies, cable services, and internet providers.

At the bottom of the plate the spring represents return of lost money or resources, the renewal of sexual connection, or the restoring of physical health.



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Candle Reading: Trail of Tears



The trail of tears happens when there are many tiny bumps running down the side of a candle. This formation literally indicates tears. Someone will be/has been crying and sharing and/or expressing emotion.

These are tears of genuine deep feeling. This formation in the wax can indicate that there is some profound emotional hurt that has to be addressed. It can also indicate a need for emotional catharsis or release.

Seeing this is a good sign that healing work should be done. It is also a good sign that is the target of the work may need someone to talk to or a safe place to express their feelings.

Emotions work a magic of their own. Sometimes a trail of tears indicates a pattern of self for filling negative prophecy or negative affirmation.

This formation is also an indicator of depression or despair over a particular issue. It’s best to look at where on the candle this appears to tell what issue it might be.

If the trail is towards the bottom of the plate then the issue is likely financial or sexual. It is towards the top of the plate it probably has to do with love, spirituality, or communication. Trails of tears that are to the upper right side of the plate often indicate despair over legal or official matters, sometimes to include politics or career issues. The trail of tears that is to the left side of the plate indicates past trauma that is causing continuing emotional pain. A trail of tears that flows to the right side of the plate without deviating to the upper or lower parts of the plate indicates specifically anxiety or tears shed about a lack of communication or an absence of someone important.


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Candle Reading: Nets/Webs


This is very unusual candle formation, which technically has multiple forms.

It occurs when multiple strands of wax on the candle bend over at the same time and what would be a scorpion shape but continue to grow as though they are tentacles or strands of rope reeling in something. As you can see in the two pictures here, the mass of strands continues to develop often curling around as though it has something inside of it.

This is a sign of something or someone being trapped. They are stuck. They cannot move. Without major cleansing, they cannot get out.

Seeing these may be either a very good or very bad sign in the work, mostly depending on where they show up on the candle and the type of work.

For spells that involve domination, will bending, calling for justice, revenge, debt collection, or seduction these might be a good sign.

For pretty much everything else they are a bad sign.

If the web appears on the left side of the candle it means that your target or your situation is completely trapped by something in the past. That thing absolutely must be taken care of first before your magic and go forward.

If the web appears at the bottom of the candle this means there are financial, material, location, housing, or sexual issues where someone is trapped. It may mean that you will not be able to get out of the lease. It may mean that you will find that your target is suffering from sexual trauma. It can mean imprisonment, addiction, paralysis, or sometimes just literally being trapped somewhere with no transportation.

When the web appears at the right side of the candle sometimes it is a positive thing for the handful of works mentioned above. If you were doing love work this means that your target may be ensnared and trapped by your love work in the future. However, this only applies if there is a domination element to your work. It also means that the target may be trapped into paying you a debt if that is what the work is for. This location can also mean imprisonment if you are doing a work to ensure that someone goes to jail for a crime they have committed. And if you have just done a good old-fashioned hex this is a good sign that the person’s life is going to become so tangled up in problems that they can’t make any progress.

A web at the top of the candle is perhaps the most concerning of all because it indicates that the target of your spell is being deliberately spiritually denied or withheld. Either your target is trapped in the sense that they owe a debt karmically or spiritually and the spirits will collect on their debt before they will allow the magic to go forward. Or it can mean that your magic has been extremely successfully blocked (uncommon). The most common meaning, however, is that someone in the situation has made a spiritual deal, which conflicts with the magic, that the spirit in question will not release them from.

If you see one of these formations, and it does not line up with your work, the best thing to do is pause the work, melt down the formation with prayers to remove the trap, get a reading to see what you were dealing with, and then come back and adjust your work accordingly. You will need to do a cleansing on the person or the situation as well.



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Candle Reading: Crosses



A very unusual wax formation, the cross signifies one of the most absolute indicators of magic being worked against you. When you run into a cross in your work it is an almost certainty that someone has done work that is “crossing” you.

Depending on the other signs in the candle the cross may or may not mean that someone has deliberately crossed you personally with magic. It might be a deliberate work against you. But it may also be that someone has done magic on the situation to achieve the opposite of your goal, or to achieve an end that would somehow block your goal.

If the cross is paired with scorpion signs, as this one is, it means that someone has deliberately done work against you personally. It is also possible that that person is someone that you either currently or used to trust.

The location of the cross may tell you what variety of work or what purpose the work serves.

A cross to the left indicates that the work was done on an issue in the past and may not even be relevant to the current situation, but is still affecting it.

On the right, this indicates work that has been done that contradicts your desired future outcome.

A cross on the top side of the candle, at the top of the play, indicates work that has been done specifically on a spiritual or emotional level to contradict your desires.

A cross at the lower side of the plate and candle (as seen in this photo) indicates that someone has done work in the financial, housing, property, or sexual areas that contradict your desires.

Crosses should be melted down if the candle does not melt them down on its own. They are also a strong indicator that for the work to achieve long-term success cleansing and protection work is needed.


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Candle Reading: Spirals


I’ve only ever seen this particular shape happened in a very small handful of candles. It is extraordinarily rare.

A spiral occurs when a scorpion, Rose, or net bends over and slides down the candle to make a curl shape at the bottom. Occasionally they occur on their own but they almost always originate as one of the preceding shapes I mentioned.

The spirals are not to be confused with an overall wax spiral pattern for the whole candle. They are one individual piece and often wind up as removals.

Spirals indicate that a particular circumstance is going to have a huge impact on the results of the work. It’s important to look at what the spiral started out as to have an indication what circumstance the candle is talking about.

A spiral that originates in a scorpion means that a significant betrayal is going to be the deciding factor in the results of the work. A spiral resulting from a net means that a series or sequence of events that has tied or captured the target of the work will be the deciding factor. Spirals that originate from roses indicate that a spiritual blessing or major positive circumstance that already existed is affecting the work and will be the deciding factor in its success.

It is important not to assume that the spiral is negative or positive based on what it developed from. A spiral that develops from a scorpion may indicate that what someone intended as a betrayal will actually cause you to get the results you desire. A spiral resulting from a rose may mean that your target has been blessed and because of that, your negative work will have no effect on them.

In general, a spiral that circulates clockwise is bringing something towards the situation, while a spiral that circulates counterclockwise is pushing something away.

These are very complicated to interpret. In a vacuum they are meaningless.

A spiral occurring at the bottom of the candle indicates the deciding factor in the success of this work is going to occur in the physical world. It may also indicate that the success itself will be seen primarily physically.

Spiral at the top of the work indicates that the deciding factor is non-physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental. This is especially important if mental health is somehow a factor in the situation.

Spirals to the left indicate that the originating source of your ultimate results comes from something that already occurred or exists. Whereas, spirals to the right side of the candle indicate that the source of your ultimate result has not yet taken place or been brought to your attention.



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Candle Reading: Swirled Wax



Looking at this photo closely, you can see in the center that is the candle burned down it left a textured pattern in the wax.

This is “swirled wax”, which looks like someone stirred the wax and swirled together right as it was melting and burning out.

Swirled wax indicates that the work you were doing is going to reveal strong emotions, past traumas, or disturb thoughts. Its primary purpose is to notify the caster that something in the situation must be healed so that the final goal can go forward as desired.

It is very important to keep in mind when you see this pattern, especially when it appears throughout the work, not just in the center, that the emotions, traumas, or thoughts being revealed do not necessarily have anything to do with you, the work, or the desired outcome. The work here is simply making you aware that someone else’s emotional or mental state will have a profound impact on the situation.

While it can be tempting to read this is a bad sign, it would be more accurate to say that it is a sign of emotional openness.

Swirled wax often appears in a working where the target has been closed off, cold, or unwilling to share their internal thoughts or feelings on a certain matter. When this wax shows up it foretells that they will become willing to share what they had previously kept hidden or locked up. It also indicates that the reason they were keeping it locked up is that they consider it to be shameful, unpleasant, or traumatic to deal with.

In love work, this often indicates that someone is going to reveal a previously unknown past hurt, romantic disaster, or deep emotional wounds. It can also indicate that someone is going to reveal extremely strong feelings that they have been holding back from because they were afraid of the strength of them. It is very important to check the rest of the signs in the work to see what type of emotions are being hidden and are about to come to the surface.

With healing, cleansing, or cut and clear work patterns like this often indicate that a bad habit, addiction, or severe childhood or other trauma will be revealed. With cleansings and healing works on women, in particular, these parents often indicate that past sexual abuse or trauma will be brought to the surface to be dealt with.

In financial works, this is one of those “gets worse before it gets better” type of signs. It indicates that past debts or financial detriment are going to be brought back to the surface and that the person working the prosperity magic is going to have to deal with them first before matters can improve. However, they also come with the promise that the spirits will provide the means, opportunity, and motivation to handle those things so that future prosperity can grow and abound.

Most often swirled wax textures appear in the center, indicating that they affect the entire work and all elements pertaining to it. But occasionally they will show up only in one area of the candle.

If the swirls show up primarily on the left-hand side this indicates things from the past that are probably already known but have been ignored. It is a very strong indicator that both the target and the caster are going to have to deal with something that neither one of them was previously willing/able to address.

If the swirls show up primarily on the right-hand side this indicates that some future plan or behavior may have extremely traumatic consequences. It advises rethinking how you will respond to the results of your work.

If the swirls are primarily at the bottom of the candle then past physical, sexual, or financial trauma may be revealed. This is also a position that indicates your target is going to reveal some previously unknown but extremely strong opinions on matters of sex or money. I have found this is an unusually good indicator for people revealing incompatible political believes when found in love working.

If the swirls are at the top of the plate then it is a strong indicator of mental illness, brain injury, or psychological trauma that causes wrong thinking or bad reasoning.

In all of these cases, this particular formation of wax is advising caution, gentleness, and moving slowly.

Again, although this is not an inherently negative sign, it does serve to let the practitioner know that something in the situation, probably completely separate from the actual work, needs to be handled with care, gentleness, tact, and kindness.

More than anything this texture of wax indicates that you cannot rush results. Your results will still come, but they will also bring towards you whatever this issue is so that it can be healed and resolved.