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Candle Reading: Swirled Wax



Looking at this photo closely, you can see in the center that is the candle burned down it left a textured pattern in the wax.

This is “swirled wax”, which looks like someone stirred the wax and swirled together right as it was melting and burning out.

Swirled wax indicates that the work you were doing is going to reveal strong emotions, past traumas, or disturb thoughts. Its primary purpose is to notify the caster that something in the situation must be healed so that the final goal can go forward as desired.

It is very important to keep in mind when you see this pattern, especially when it appears throughout the work, not just in the center, that the emotions, traumas, or thoughts being revealed do not necessarily have anything to do with you, the work, or the desired outcome. The work here is simply making you aware that someone else’s emotional or mental state will have a profound impact on the situation.

While it can be tempting to read this is a bad sign, it would be more accurate to say that it is a sign of emotional openness.

Swirled wax often appears in a working where the target has been closed off, cold, or unwilling to share their internal thoughts or feelings on a certain matter. When this wax shows up it foretells that they will become willing to share what they had previously kept hidden or locked up. It also indicates that the reason they were keeping it locked up is that they consider it to be shameful, unpleasant, or traumatic to deal with.

In love work, this often indicates that someone is going to reveal a previously unknown past hurt, romantic disaster, or deep emotional wounds. It can also indicate that someone is going to reveal extremely strong feelings that they have been holding back from because they were afraid of the strength of them. It is very important to check the rest of the signs in the work to see what type of emotions are being hidden and are about to come to the surface.

With healing, cleansing, or cut and clear work patterns like this often indicate that a bad habit, addiction, or severe childhood or other trauma will be revealed. With cleansings and healing works on women, in particular, these parents often indicate that past sexual abuse or trauma will be brought to the surface to be dealt with.

In financial works, this is one of those “gets worse before it gets better” type of signs. It indicates that past debts or financial detriment are going to be brought back to the surface and that the person working the prosperity magic is going to have to deal with them first before matters can improve. However, they also come with the promise that the spirits will provide the means, opportunity, and motivation to handle those things so that future prosperity can grow and abound.

Most often swirled wax textures appear in the center, indicating that they affect the entire work and all elements pertaining to it. But occasionally they will show up only in one area of the candle.

If the swirls show up primarily on the left-hand side this indicates things from the past that are probably already known but have been ignored. It is a very strong indicator that both the target and the caster are going to have to deal with something that neither one of them was previously willing/able to address.

If the swirls show up primarily on the right-hand side this indicates that some future plan or behavior may have extremely traumatic consequences. It advises rethinking how you will respond to the results of your work.

If the swirls are primarily at the bottom of the candle then past physical, sexual, or financial trauma may be revealed. This is also a position that indicates your target is going to reveal some previously unknown but extremely strong opinions on matters of sex or money. I have found this is an unusually good indicator for people revealing incompatible political believes when found in love working.

If the swirls are at the top of the plate then it is a strong indicator of mental illness, brain injury, or psychological trauma that causes wrong thinking or bad reasoning.

In all of these cases, this particular formation of wax is advising caution, gentleness, and moving slowly.

Again, although this is not an inherently negative sign, it does serve to let the practitioner know that something in the situation, probably completely separate from the actual work, needs to be handled with care, gentleness, tact, and kindness.

More than anything this texture of wax indicates that you cannot rush results. Your results will still come, but they will also bring towards you whatever this issue is so that it can be healed and resolved.