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Candle Reading: Springs/Curls



One of the most straight forward but least common candle formations, springs are a coiled ribbon of wax that makes a spiral pattern. Often these start out as or appear at first to be scorpions.

Springs indicated that something will be renewed or will “bounce back” to its original form. They are an excellent sign for cleansing work, telling you that your energy has been restored to its natural or original state.

In love matters they indicate that things will start over or return to their last point before the problem you are trying to correct began. They are a wonderful sign in lover return work. In new love work they indicate an old relationship will renew so they may or may not be a good sign, depending on your intent.

On the left, springs say that a situation from the past will be restored or healed but not necessarily make much future change.

On the right the indicate that something that was lost will be restored or returned.

At the top of the plate springs speak of spiritual renewal. They also indicate the renewal of pre-existing subscriptions, contracts, or agreements. Fun fact: this often shows up specifically when dealing with cell phone companies, cable services, and internet providers.

At the bottom of the plate the spring represents return of lost money or resources, the renewal of sexual connection, or the restoring of physical health.