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Candle Reading: Spirals


I’ve only ever seen this particular shape happened in a very small handful of candles. It is extraordinarily rare.

A spiral occurs when a scorpion, Rose, or net bends over and slides down the candle to make a curl shape at the bottom. Occasionally they occur on their own but they almost always originate as one of the preceding shapes I mentioned.

The spirals are not to be confused with an overall wax spiral pattern for the whole candle. They are one individual piece and often wind up as removals.

Spirals indicate that a particular circumstance is going to have a huge impact on the results of the work. It’s important to look at what the spiral started out as to have an indication what circumstance the candle is talking about.

A spiral that originates in a scorpion means that a significant betrayal is going to be the deciding factor in the results of the work. A spiral resulting from a net means that a series or sequence of events that has tied or captured the target of the work will be the deciding factor. Spirals that originate from roses indicate that a spiritual blessing or major positive circumstance that already existed is affecting the work and will be the deciding factor in its success.

It is important not to assume that the spiral is negative or positive based on what it developed from. A spiral that develops from a scorpion may indicate that what someone intended as a betrayal will actually cause you to get the results you desire. A spiral resulting from a rose may mean that your target has been blessed and because of that, your negative work will have no effect on them.

In general, a spiral that circulates clockwise is bringing something towards the situation, while a spiral that circulates counterclockwise is pushing something away.

These are very complicated to interpret. In a vacuum they are meaningless.

A spiral occurring at the bottom of the candle indicates the deciding factor in the success of this work is going to occur in the physical world. It may also indicate that the success itself will be seen primarily physically.

Spiral at the top of the work indicates that the deciding factor is non-physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental. This is especially important if mental health is somehow a factor in the situation.

Spirals to the left indicate that the originating source of your ultimate results comes from something that already occurred or exists. Whereas, spirals to the right side of the candle indicate that the source of your ultimate result has not yet taken place or been brought to your attention.