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Candle Reading: Secondary Flames



Whenever an additional flame appears on a candle is an indication of another person or entity showing up.

If the flame strengthens the main candle flame then the person is entering the situation and/or going to remain. This can also indicate that the person is going to be an ally to the work if the work in question is being done specifically to draw in support in some way.

If the secondary flame moves away from or stays permanently separated from the main candle flame then the second person is moving away from the situation or will be cut out.

Whether this is positive or negative depends greatly on the work.

For example, in a work to attract new love a new flame appearing in merging with the main flame would indicate a new lover coming in. On the other hand, a flame separating from the main flame would indicate an old lover leaving, or a situation being released.

In a banishing work a flame that appears and then strengthens the main flame would indicate that the person you were trying to banish is resisting the work. On the other hand, a flame that ignited and then dissipated would be an indication that the vanishing has succeeded in separating someone from the situation.

In business workings, secondary flames that appear and stay indicate a new partnership, merger, or possibly competition. Secondary flames that leave indicate that someone may be backing out of the situation or leaving a company.

Secondary flames that stay are an extremely good omen for workings regarding selling a house or getting a roommate as they indicate that someone will be arriving soon. This is especially positive if they appear on the lower half of the plate because in that position they indicate someone who has good financial resources.

On the other hand secondary flames that move away or extinguish in work designed to sell a house or get a roommate indicate that someone will be leaving or backing out of the contract. This would be a good omen for banishing nasty neighbors or getting rid of a tenant you did not like.

In work designed to break up couples, groups, or friendships a flame that appears and then moves away from the main flame, later to be extinguished before the main flame burns out, indicates that one person will be leaving the situation before the other.

For example, if you targeted John to make him leave Susie, but you get a separating secondary flame, that is an indication that Susie is actually going to be the one who leaves John. On the other hand, if you targeted both John and Susie in your petition then there may actually be a third-party who will be exiting the situation as a result of your work.

It’s good to read other signs in the wax to see what is facilitating the appearance or disappearance of this second individual or entity.

If scorpion shapes appear on a candle that had a disappearing secondary flame it indicates that someone will be leaving the situation over a betrayal of trust specifically.

If the work has backflows then the person entering or leaving will be doing so because of broken contracts or agreements.

If you get a trail of tears surrounding a secondary flame it indicates that the person represented by that flame will either experience or cause a lot of emotional distress. Healing or cleansing work may be necessary.

A secondary flame that shows up on a money or prosperity working on the lower side of the plate and then extinguishes may indicate theft or swindling. Watch out for scandal.