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Candle Reading: Scorpions




Scorpions form when a piece of wax bends backward away from the candle, looking much like an actual scorpion tail. These formations indicate betrayal, broken trust, and backstabbing.  The location of the scorpion tells much about who the traitor may be, what kind of betrayal is involved, and how it will affect the work.

On the left side of the plate, scorpions reveal a betrayal that has already taken place and is likely still having a powerful effect on the situation at hand.

On the right side, they refer to future betrayals or behavior and choices what will be seen as betrayals even if not intended as such.

At the top of the plate, scorpions specifically indicate that the betrayal is spiritual, emotional, or digital in nature.  This is also the area where betrayals concerning communication and gossip will usually show up.

Scorpions at the bottom of the plate deal specifically with financial, sexual, and health-related betrayal.

In love work, this is a very negative sign and almost always indicates infidelity or impure intentions. If they occur at the top of the plate this is more likely to be a betrayal by virtue of communication; such as speaking with someone the target promised to cut off.  At the bottom of the plate, they show cheating physically and possibly financial deceit.

In money work, theses shapes warn of two-timing and double-dealing.  Beware of price gouging, refusal to pay debts, and shady business schemes. This is especially true is inheritance or legal matters are involved.

Scorpions should be neutralized by praying over them to remove the traitor and their power, and then melting the shape itself down with matches or candles blessed with clearance oil.