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Candle Reading: Roses



These are one of my absolute favorite formations in any candle reading. A rose occurs when wax coils up around itself forming a literal shape of a rose. Often roses start out or appear to be starting out as scorpions, rolls, or nets.

Roses are romance, love, passion, and soulmate bounds. They are a very positive sign when seeking romance of any kind. They also may indicate romantic or loving messages.

In non-romantic working, roses symbolize goodwill, favor, friendship, and things that will unfold slowly but beautifully.

Roses are almost universally favorable. Even in a separation working where a rose develops on one person’s candle, it is likely to indicate either one-sided romance or that the person whos candle developed it will find a new love. (Read the rest of the candle to tell which it is.)

One of the most positive places to see a rose is in work for fertility. In works design to bring children into the life of the practitioner or target roses indicate spiritual blessing and favor being granted. They also have a strong maternal aspect indicating spiritual protection and assistance with the pregnancy to come.

At the top of the candle, roses indicate blessing specifically in the nonphysical area and are likely to be very emotional. These roses indicate true love or true spiritual favor. They can also indicate specifically communication about romance or love matters that comes through a digital/non-physical source.

To the bottom of the candle, roses are much more sexual and sensual. They indicate passion, lust, luxury, expendable income, extreme physical beauty, or physical transformation towards beauty and eroticism.

On the left, as in the photo seen, roses indicate past life connections, old flames, or sources of blessing and prosperity coming from a source in the past.

On the right, they foretell of messages of love, luck, and goodwill. They are also a very lucky symbol specifically in marriage work indicating a proposal will be forthcoming very soon.