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Candle Reading: Rolls



A wax roll on a candle is reasonably uncommon. These shapes occur to let us know that the energy of this work is wrapping around someone in a way that smothers them or diminishes their power and conforms them to the will of the spell.

Rolls are similar to nets in that both of them indicate that your target is going to be tangled up inside of the magic.

However, rolls are considered to be much gentler and much more positive. They have an energy of gently but firmly persuading someone to come around to your point of view. Think of wrapping someone in a gigantic blanket and bear hug until they agreed to do what you want them to do.

Rolls are very good signs in love work because they indicate that your love is going to surround of the target and overcome resistance.

In separation or break up work roles indicate an overwhelming feeling of sadness, despondency, or depression is going to overtake the target with regards to the relationship or situation you wish to separate them from.

With other types of work, in general, this shape indicates that the magic is going to overwhelm intended target but at the same time the target will ultimately be pleased or at least excepting of that situation.

When a roll appears at the top of the plate it indicates specifically that the magic is going to overwhelm the thoughts, emotions, or spiritual power of the target or situation.

At the bottom of the plate, it indicates that the spell is going put the target under heavy influence in the area of sex, money, health, or material goods.

On the left, a roll is slightly negative indicating that someone is already influenced by something that is very overpowering and may be difficult to free them from. This is almost always indicates cleansing is needed when it is directly to the center-left of the plate.

On the right-hand side of the plate, a roll foretells of future success of the spell in making the target conform peacefully and completely to the goals of the practitioner.