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Candle Reading: Reverse Scorpions


Reverse scorpions are extremely uncommon. In my time of burning candles, this is only the second clear-cut one I have ever seen.

A reverse scorpion occurs when a curl of wax bends a hooked tail backward, up against gravity, like a real live scorpion tail. (Seen here on the left side of a “net/roll” of wax.)

They have a very interesting and complicated meaning.

Reverse scorpions have a complicated relationship with that original meaning. First of all, it is important to remember that they do not signify a reversal of betrayal. They do not indicate restitution. They do not indicate someone has become trustworthy.

What they do indicate is that someone or something in the situation has stopped betraying the practitioner or target and started betraying someone else in favor of the practitioner or target.

It best to think of it like this: A traitor is still a traitor, but now they are betraying in your favor.

Reverse scorpions also have a connotation of the person or situation now betraying the very same person that they originally committed betrayal with.

In love matters this kind of wax formation indicates to former love rivals are going to find themselves on the same team temporarily. It is important to remember that one of these people was a traitor before, is still a traitor now, and should not be trusted. However, their interests will be temporarily aligned.

In matters of career, reverse scorpions speak of someone with extreme ambition or malice who turns their coat with the wind and probably betrayed the practitioner or target in a very impersonal way. This person is likely to be power-hungry and will betray anyone if they think that it gets them ahead. The advantage is that such a person is likely to be very good at the trails that help the people they are trying to align with and this betrayal will probably bring advantage to the target or practitioner. But such a person is also very dangerous and the target/practitioner must keep in mind that they should not share confidences with the traitor.

In cleansing work, such as this, there’s a slightly different and somewhat more positive meaning. The traitor is probably going to admit their original betrayal. They may be deliberately exposing themselves exclusively to get back at someone else. They may actually feel guilty and temporarily want to change sides. It indicates a revealing of truth and clearing up of circumstances.

The location on the candle of where the river scorpion shows up indicates a lot about the particular betrayal that is being reversed but does not necessarily give you a timeframe or indication of where the reversal will occur.

For example, a reverse scorpion at the bottom of the plate is likely to indicate that the betrayal in question originally occurred in the area of sex or money and is going to be reversed in the same area.

A reverse scorpion at the top of the plate indicates that the original betrayal was digital, spiritual, or communication-based. And the turncoat is choosing to reverse their tactics in the practitioner or target’s favor.

Reverse scorpions to the left indicate the original betrayal was in the past.

To the right, indicates a future betrayal that is likely to be extremely complicated as it will involve an original betrayal, reversal of betrayal, and probably a third double cross by the person doing all the reversing.

There is disagreement among practitioners about if these should or should not be melted down. Usually, the best thing to do with a regular scorpion is to melt it down and render the traitor powerless.

However, since a reverse scorpion reveals a trader who has already betrayed someone and is now turning that treachery to the advantage of the practitioner, some people prefer to leave these formations intact.

It is always wise if you do this, however, to do some additional protection work. Reverse the scorpions are temporary allies, but they will almost always sting you, a second time, in the end.