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Candle Reading: Orchids


Orchids form in a candle when the candle splits on one or more sides and folds back to reveal the wick, much like the petals of a flower.

This candle formations symbolize feminine energy, sexuality, and the divine power of women’s work, will, and being.

Orchids are extremely common in workings dealing with anything sexual related specifically to a woman. Work to make a woman lust for a particular person will often show orchids. Work in lesbian relationship often shows orchids. And orchids will also form in works of personal power or road opening for women in general.

By default an orchid always is located more or less at the center of the candle that creates it. However the direction that the orchid opens can give a little bit of insight into what the orchid is indicating specifically in this case.

An orchid that opens to the left indicates feminine power or sexuality that has been lost or is part of the past. It can indicate that a woman wishes to regain power. It is also often seen when a female in the situation is desiring to return her physical body to a level of power, strength, or beauty associated with her past.

An orchid that opens to the right indicates the opposite transformation. It often indicates a woman who is just coming into her sexuality or sexual power. It can indicate coming of age or that the woman being worked on is very young. It also can indicate someone who is increasing their fertility or actively seeking to become pregnant.

And orchid that opens to both the left and right shows female power that flows through span of time. It often indicates a specific female presents that is affecting the goal or outcome of the work. This female presence has been there in the past, is there in the present, and will continue to be there in the future. This commonly indicates mothers, long-term romantic partners, and female mentors such as teachers or coaches.

An orchid that opens to the bottom of the plate is probably one of the most sexual formations possible to see in work. It indicates feminine beauty, lust, desirability, and the specific desire for sex. It also often communicates the specific desire for a full reproductive experience going from selecting a mate, experiencing physical intimacy, conceiving, carrying a child, bearing the child, and raising the child with the father. Men who see this shape in workings done to attract a female lover should be cautious because the lower being drawn and is probably specifically interested in having children.

And orchid that points to the top of the plate is almost exactly the opposite. This indicates feminine power on a non-physical level. Divine beauty, priestesses, goddesses, and the desire to connect to one spiritual heritage as a woman are contained in this shape. It can often indicate a female practitioner is somehow affecting the situation. It can also show that a woman in the situation is very virginal, or possibly even puritanical about their attitudes towards sex. Depending on the type of working this may indicate that the woman question need some healing and grounding work to bring her sexuality out of her mind and spirit and into her body.

Orchids also are strongly correlated with success in any industry were beauty and feminine influence is required. When seen in money working’s in particular they indicate that charm and seduction will be required in order to succeed. This does not necessarily have to be sexual seduction. It may simply have to do with convincing clients or prospective employers that you really are the best. But when orchids appear in money working charm is definitely going to be needed and probably a lot of preparation to make yourself or your business look as good as possible.

In love workings they do indicate sex, fertility, beauty, lust, and feminine power. They also usually indicate that a female is the one who has the upper hand in the romantic situation. Look at the other signs in the work because this will not necessarily be a female that is targeted by or requesting the work. It can indicate an outside female force. This is especially true when this shape appears alongside scorpions or along side flows of wax into the past/left zone of the candle.

Overall orchids are usually positive symbols but even when they are indicating something less positive it is not usually a good idea to melt them down. Orchids tends to state a condition of facts rather than indicate something that can be changed in the current working.

In other words; if you see an orchid usually the best response is to get a reading on exactly what area this orchid is affecting and what is indicating and determine from there if further work needs to be done to change the outcome or the energy factor that produced the orchid.

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