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Candle Reading: Nets/Webs


This is very unusual candle formation, which technically has multiple forms.

It occurs when multiple strands of wax on the candle bend over at the same time and what would be a scorpion shape but continue to grow as though they are tentacles or strands of rope reeling in something. As you can see in the two pictures here, the mass of strands continues to develop often curling around as though it has something inside of it.

This is a sign of something or someone being trapped. They are stuck. They cannot move. Without major cleansing, they cannot get out.

Seeing these may be either a very good or very bad sign in the work, mostly depending on where they show up on the candle and the type of work.

For spells that involve domination, will bending, calling for justice, revenge, debt collection, or seduction these might be a good sign.

For pretty much everything else they are a bad sign.

If the web appears on the left side of the candle it means that your target or your situation is completely trapped by something in the past. That thing absolutely must be taken care of first before your magic and go forward.

If the web appears at the bottom of the candle this means there are financial, material, location, housing, or sexual issues where someone is trapped. It may mean that you will not be able to get out of the lease. It may mean that you will find that your target is suffering from sexual trauma. It can mean imprisonment, addiction, paralysis, or sometimes just literally being trapped somewhere with no transportation.

When the web appears at the right side of the candle sometimes it is a positive thing for the handful of works mentioned above. If you were doing love work this means that your target may be ensnared and trapped by your love work in the future. However, this only applies if there is a domination element to your work. It also means that the target may be trapped into paying you a debt if that is what the work is for. This location can also mean imprisonment if you are doing a work to ensure that someone goes to jail for a crime they have committed. And if you have just done a good old-fashioned hex this is a good sign that the person’s life is going to become so tangled up in problems that they can’t make any progress.

A web at the top of the candle is perhaps the most concerning of all because it indicates that the target of your spell is being deliberately spiritually denied or withheld. Either your target is trapped in the sense that they owe a debt karmically or spiritually and the spirits will collect on their debt before they will allow the magic to go forward. Or it can mean that your magic has been extremely successfully blocked (uncommon). The most common meaning, however, is that someone in the situation has made a spiritual deal, which conflicts with the magic, that the spirit in question will not release them from.

If you see one of these formations, and it does not line up with your work, the best thing to do is pause the work, melt down the formation with prayers to remove the trap, get a reading to see what you were dealing with, and then come back and adjust your work accordingly. You will need to do a cleansing on the person or the situation as well.