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Candle Reading: Mountains and Freestanding Mountains




Mountains in candle reading symbolize obstacles in general. The area that the mountain occurs tells a lot about what type of obstacle it may be and what steps maybe taking to get rid of it.

To the left, mountains reveal past events, feelings, or problems that block the path ahead.

To the right, the foretell of future blockages that may need to be cleared or protected against.

At the top of the plate, mountains reveal spiritual or emotional matters that are slowing or blocking progress.

At the bottom of the plate, they reveal blocks in the areas of money, health, sex, and location.

Most of the time it is best to melt down any mountains that are left standing at the end of the work with a match or candles blessed with clearance or blockbuster oil.  This ensures that the obstacle will be removed and the work can flow forward.



Freestanding mountains are an interesting and fairly uncommon shape in candle reading. They indicate an obstacle that is detached from the current situation but still specifically affecting it.

They most typically form by creating a normal mountain connected to the candle but then the wax melts and a clear separation between the candle and the mountain shape forms.

When a mountain is freestanding it lets us know that whatever the blockages is separated in someway from the actual situation we are working on.

Just like with regular mountains, the location of the mountain plays a big role in interpreting the area of blockage.

Freestanding Mountains that are to the top of the candle reflect blockages in the non-physical/spiritual/mental/emotional area.

To the bottom they indicate blockages in the area of money/sex/physical health/property.

To the left they indicate situations from the past.

To the right they foretell of problems in the future.

In love work a freestanding mountain is a particularly frustrating sign as it indicates that something that is totally separate from the love situation is influencing the outcome. In this example photo, which comes from a love binding work, this freestanding mountain tells us that outside influences are playing a major role in the problems we are trying to solve.

In love work freestanding mountains to the left-hand side indicate a past event or influence, or possibly trauma, that is causing continued problems in the relationship. To the right they tell that the timing for this relationship may simply not be good right now as other matters are going to interfere with the process of the relationship in the future. To the top of the candle they say that mental health or spiritual issues may be a blockage, and can tell sometimes that there is a religious or cultural factor interfering in the relationship. At the bottom they indicate that financial, career, or health considerations separate from the relationship are going to have a major impact.

In love work it is particularly important to watch out for freestanding mountains on the left lower hand side of the working as this often indicates sexual abuse or physical trauma that is causing problems in the relationship.

In money working these formations are a little less frustrating as they indicate situations to be coped with rather than problems specifically. To the left they indicate past deeds or choices that may be limiting current options. Road opening work is almost always indicated in this type of situation. To the right they foretell of potential responsibilities and obstacles, especially with career work. Again, Road opening work is indicated. At the top of the plate they usually specifically indicate that education, but a qualification, or better connection to people is needed to get the financial help being requested. At the bottom they speak of trouble with economy, location, or desired physical manifestation of the money.

The most negative form of freestanding mountains usually occurs in healing work. Freestanding mountains in healing work, regardless of where they appear, symbolize an outside influence that is actively causing harm. At the bottom of the plate they usually indicate a physical influence such as an environmental toxins or bad lifestyle choice. At the top that indicate a mental health issue, or sometimes particularly issues dealing with environment and emotional content. To the left they indicate that the situation currently is being made worse by past influences that caused degeneration. To the right they indicate that the target is going to continue to make a choice of some variety that will continue to worsen whatever the practitioner trying to heal. Perhaps worst of all, the indicate an uncooperative target in about 99 of 100 situations. Usually the fix in this situation is to talk to the target directly and try to figure out what choice is being made that is continuing to cause worsening health.

The best solution when these type of formations appear is to get a good reading and make sure you have a good understanding and definition of exactly what is going on to cause this formation to show up.

The overall takeaway should always be that you may have to do counterintuitive work. Are you getting freestanding mountains on your love work? It’s possible you actually need to do prosperity work for the relationship to succeed. Are you getting freestanding mountains on your money work? Maybe the problem is the location or source that you are seeking the money from. Perhaps a spell to get money from a different source would work better.

My favorite story about freestanding mountains actually comes from a hot foot working. The client had a particularly noxious neighbor that they wanted to get rid of. No matter what they did they would continue to get freestanding mountains on any hot foot or banishment working. The neighbor did not move, but things got perpetually worse between the client and the neighbor. Eventually a reading was done and it was discovered that because of a legal matter the neighbor was not able to leave and really didn’t want to be there anymore than the client one of them there. Some road opening and law stay away work behalf of the neighbor produced almost immediate results.

The bottom line is; when you get a freestanding mountain it maybe time to think outside of the box about how you are solving the problem.