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Candle Reading: Hooks


Hooks, much like mountains, indicate obstacles that maybe getting in the way of the work. Anytime hook appears it is specifically making the practitioner aware that there was an obstacle that is particularly deep-seated, long-standing, or difficult to remove.

Hooks are separated from scorpions by the fact that they lean inward toward the candle but do not curl backwards like a scorpions tale. Imagine a fishhook trapped in the flesh of whatever area of the targets life is being worked on.

hooks a very interesting specifically because they indicate that removing this particular obstacle may have painful or negative consequences. They also call for extreme care to be used in whatever method is employed for removing the block.

In general the best way to deal with hooks is to pray or do a reading and seek guidance about what type of hook/obstacle is being indicated. Often a hook up here is because the obstacle in question is a very deeply connected part of the target’s reality, identity, or daily life.

With mountains, the bigger the hook, the bigger the problem.

The location of the hook tells a lot about what type of blockage it is and how deep the damage may go.

At the top of the plate, which deals with the nonphysical realms, hooks usually indicate spiritual or mental conditions that form a significant stumbling block.

Spell work can show up in this area although it is not necessarily cursing specifically. It might simply be a spell that has a counterproductive and aim to the work the practitioner is currently doing.

Mental illness will frequently show up in this area as well. If the target in question has known mental health issues this may be making the practitioner aware that the issues in question are not as simple as basic depression/anxiety but maybe more along the lines of psychosis, personality disorder, or severe PTSD.

Hooks that show up at the lower side of the plate, which deals with physical and financial, have a wider range of problems that they can indicate. They may indicate issues with debt, education, location, or housing. They also indicate incarceration, probation, or some other condition that prevents the target from being mobile.

This is also where major health issues often show up. Permanent STDs, incurable diseases and conditions, paralysis, degenerative disease, severely Trumatic injury resulting in the loss of physical mobility or a significant reduction in lifespan. All of these things can be indicated by hook. Again; the bigger the hook, the bigger the problem. A small hook might indicate a health problem that will be ongoing and annoying but is not necessarily life-threatening. And extremely large hook might indicate a major health issue. But it is going to depend on the life context of the specific target.

Hooks that appear to the left are very interesting specifically because they indicate strongly that the targets past is a very solid and very resistant block to whatever the work is. This is almost always were hooks will appear in love work. Usually indicates emotional trauma. It is foretelling of cultural or family problems.

Interestingly enough this is also where things like major life events like marriages, the birth of children, a major crimes committed in the past, etc. will probably show up if they are a factor in the work.

To the right hooks are strangely negative because they usually indicate that something about what the practitioner is currently doing is going to create a problem with their own goal. When they appear to the right it is best to stop work entirely until reading can be done to determine exactly what the problem is. Then the work can be adjusted accordingly.

Overall, although hooks are negative sign, they’re also extremely useful because they give very specific information about the type, severity, and depth of obstacle that is getting in the way of the goal.

In general when a hook appears the best way to handle it is to anointed with clearance oil or some type of blockbusting oil and remove it very gently and slowly over the course of the work with a candle or matches. Sometimes hooks will require separate work in order to clear the specific issue that they represent. But they are also very useful for letting the practitioner know exactly where the obstacles to success stand.