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Candle Reading: Crosses



A very unusual wax formation, the cross signifies one of the most absolute indicators of magic being worked against you. When you run into a cross in your work it is an almost certainty that someone has done work that is “crossing” you.

Depending on the other signs in the candle the cross may or may not mean that someone has deliberately crossed you personally with magic. It might be a deliberate work against you. But it may also be that someone has done magic on the situation to achieve the opposite of your goal, or to achieve an end that would somehow block your goal.

If the cross is paired with scorpion signs, as this one is, it means that someone has deliberately done work against you personally. It is also possible that that person is someone that you either currently or used to trust.

The location of the cross may tell you what variety of work or what purpose the work serves.

A cross to the left indicates that the work was done on an issue in the past and may not even be relevant to the current situation, but is still affecting it.

On the right, this indicates work that has been done that contradicts your desired future outcome.

A cross on the top side of the candle, at the top of the play, indicates work that has been done specifically on a spiritual or emotional level to contradict your desires.

A cross at the lower side of the plate and candle (as seen in this photo) indicates that someone has done work in the financial, housing, property, or sexual areas that contradict your desires.

Crosses should be melted down if the candle does not melt them down on its own. They are also a strong indicator that for the work to achieve long-term success cleansing and protection work is needed.