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Candle Reading: Cages


A cage occurs when a candle hollows out its own middle and leaves a shell of wax on the outside that resembles a birdcage.

Cages have quite a few potential meanings depending on the type of work being done. They are not usually interpreted based on areas of the plate because they are almost always centrally located to the candle.

In order for something to qualify as a full cage it must go the majority of the way around the candle. (So for example, a cage like shape that is only on the left or right side would indicate different properties and be considered a different type of formation.)

Cages first and foremost indicate powerful domination. Something or someone in the work is being absolutely, categorically forced to comply with the something.

In proactive work such as love work, break up work, cursing work, or prosperity work Cages are usually a positive sign for success. They indicate that your target or goal is going to be forced to comply with your wishes. However this also carries the message that probably what you want to happen would not otherwise happen.

This can become particularly important in love work. In love workings a cage indicates that someone is going to be doing what the practitioner wants them to do but also clearly registers that if the magic was not in place they would not be behaving that way. This indicates that they are holding emotions that would be opposite of the behavior of the magic is making them demonstrate. It can be an indicator that further emotional or sweetening work should be done. It can also be heads up to the practitioner that healing or protective work maybe needed in order to continue seeing positive results from the working long-term. (this is especially true if scorpions, gnarls, or swirling wax appears in the same work.)

In cleansing work cages have a different meaning all together. They indicate that the cleansing itself is probably causing the target pain and suffering because something about the cleansing is fundamentally incompatible with something going on in the targets life. Think of the idea of scrubbing a patch of skin until it is raw and bleeding. That is what cage in a cleansing work indicates. The target has either been over cleansed, or cleansing is simply the wrong type of work to do to solve the problem. Usually this is because healing work, cut and clear work, or just some old fashioned patience is required. It doesn’t matter how many times you wash a broken leg; it is still a broken leg and requires healing. And sometimes it doesn’t matter how many times you scrub something, it’s just going to take a little while to get better. Stop washing.

Lastly and most interestingly when a cage appears in an offer and candle it is an extraordinarily rare and usually positive sign. It indicates a spirit is either bound to you or binding you to them. Usually it indicates that the spirit is choosing to be bound to you. It off and specifically is away for a spirit to signal that they have bound themselves to a physical shape or entity in your life, such as a familiar animal or object.

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  1. Ok what if secondary flame is not from the wick. It was cause by hot foot powder ? And at one point it looked like three flames

  2. Ok what if secondary flame is not from the wick. It was cause by hot foot powder ? And at one point it looked like three flames . Like it seems more like the hot pepper flakes burning. So it that a twin flame

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