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Candle Reading: Backward Moving Spiral Pattern



This candle shows a clockwise flow pattern with one very important variation.

Individual pieces of wax may seem to flow counterclockwise but the overall swirl of the wax is clockwise.

Clockwise flows mean something is coming towards the target or you. Counterclockwise spirals are sending something away from the target or you.

Because this flow is made of many Individual flows of wax that seem to slide counterclockwise but the overall whole is a clockwise spiral it indicates that the results of this work will develop step by step, sometimes seeming to go the wrong direction, but always working ultimately towards the goal.

A good example of this type is doing a break-up work, then seeing the couple choose to take a second honeymoon. This might seem like a disaster but when they discover on the honeymoon that they have nothing at all in common and break up because they spent all the time alone, you will have achieved your goal. Or maybe you do a work to get someone fired and they get promoted, but then can’t do the job and get fired.

In love work, it may mean the target will disappear or seem uninterested. But in reality, they will have a chance to miss their beloved and this renews their feelings and interest in the relationship.

Any time this shows up in a work, extra patience and a trust that the spirits know what they are doing will likely be required.