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A backflow occurs when a trickle of wax starts to form what would normally be, pedal shape but then flows backwards leaving behind it a smooth and concave shape that looks like a empty pool. You can see two examples at the bottom of the photo below.

Backflows indicate someone going back on their word, backing out of an agreement, or reneging on a commitment.

A backflow to the bottom of the plate indicates that a commitment in the sexual or financial area will be backed out of. 

If the backflow occurs to the top of the plate this means that there will be a reversal or reneging on commitments in the area of spirituality, religion, emotion, or politics. This can also indicate a sudden and dramatic reversal of opinion.

On the left side of the plate backflows talk about a previous commitment or contract that has been reneged on already and you are now seeing the effects of that. They also could be a good indicator for up coming lawsuits if contracts, legal matters, or finances are somehow involved in the work.

On the right side of the plate backflows tell us that there will be a dramatic reversal of opinion or commitment. Your work will either cause or be affected by someone going back on their word. Depending on the type of work you may wish to do a reading to determine if your work is going to cause a dramatic reversal of commitment or if you yourself need to be wary of someone making commitments and then changing their mind.

What to Do:

This will vary from situation to situation.  Overall a backflow isn’t a bad sign one way or the other but a signal of up coming actions.

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