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Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears

The trail of tears happens when there are many tiny bumps running down the side of a candle. This formation literally indicates tears. Someone will be/has been crying and sharing and/or expressing emotion.

These are tears of genuine deep feeling. This formation in the wax can indicate that there is some profound emotional hurt that has to be addressed. It can also indicate a need for emotional catharsis or release.

Seeing this is a good sign that healing work should be done. It is also a good sign that is the target of the work may need someone to talk to or a safe place to express their feelings.

Emotions work a magic of their own. Sometimes a trail of tears indicates a pattern of self for filling negative prophecy or negative affirmation.

This formation is also an indicator for depression or despair over a particular issue. It’s best to look at where on the candle this appears to tell what issue it might be.

What to Do:

This will vary based on your situation.  In some cases, cleansing work or healing work may help.  In situations others it may be best to just let this happen. Maybe the emotional release is needed for results. If you are unsure, get or do a good reading on the question and go from there.

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Reverse Scorpion

Reverse Scorpions

Reverse scorpions are extremely uncommon. In my time of burning candles this is only the second clear-cut one I have ever seen.

A reverse scorpion occurs when a curl of wax bends a hooked tail backwards, up against gravity, like a real live scorpion tail.

These signs are complicated to understand. First of all, it is important to remember that they do not signify a reversal of betrayal. They do not indicate restitution. They do not indicate someone has become trustworthy.

What they do indicate is that someone or something in the situation has stopped betraying the practitioner or target and started betraying someone else in favor of the practitioner or target.

It best to think think of it like this: A traitor is still a traitor, but now they are betraying in your favor.

What to Do:

Be cautious and watchful in the situation itself.

It may be wise to do some protection work to prevent any future betrayal by this idividual. 

It would also be a good idea to get a reading to see more specifics about what the original betrayal was, how it lead to the new betrayal, and how long the sitaution will stay that way. 

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Double Scorpion

Double Scorpion

Scorpions are one of the most universally negative symbols and candle reading. That indicate betrayal, doublecrossing, infidelity, and underhandedness or manipulation.

A double scorpion indicates that there are two people who are betraying the target or the worker.

If the two scorpions are in the same area of the candle in the two traitors are likely working together. If they are in different areas of the candle, such as opposite sides, then the target or the worker is being betrayed by different people in different ways. However, the betrayals will always relate back to something to do with the work that is being done.

What To Do:

If the candle melts or removes both scorpions away this is a sign that the spell has successfully removed the betrayal.

If it does not melt or remove them, bless a candle with prayer and cleansing oil and melt both scorpions down.

It may also be wise to do a reading to confirm who the people in questions are if you do not already know.

Protection work is also a good idea as it will block the betrayal before it can cause further harm.

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A scorpion occur when a thin piece of wax curls backwards  and down away from the candle, looking like a curling scorpion’s tail.

A scorpion signifies betrayal, breach of trust, or deep, hidden issues.

In love work it often indicates there has been infidelity or is on going infidelity. It can also signify a breach of trust in another area of the relationship.

In money spells it indicates dishonest dealings or deceit.

In works of healing it often indicates that the person has been or is being actively harmed on some level.

What To Do:

It’s important to see what happens to the scorpion to know what action to take.

If the candle itself melts it down then the working has handled it and removed the betrayal or deceit.

If the scorpion is still visible when the flame goes out, pray over another candle to remove negativity and use the flame to melt the scorpion shape completely.

It’s good to follow up with protection work there after to prevent further betrayal or trust breaking.

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A seal happens when you get a round or mostly round shape at the bottom of your candle with little or no drips and flows. Seals do not form a perfect circle, which would be a ring, but have a slightly irregular shape usually with one or more flattened edges. 

Seals are a sign of success. The first and most common meaning of seals is that spirit has placed it’s “seal of approval” on your work and will be helping you achieve your goals.

Seals can also have another specific meaning when you’re doing the work that is focused particularly on one individual or on a group of specific people. In theses works they usually signify that your target is going to come around to agree or will placed their seal of approval on the goal.

Because seals will automatically be in the dead center of your work it is not important so much to pay attention to their orientation on the plate. 

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Burn Time

The burn time of a candle is used to calculate time frames for results, timelines for events, and specific additional information about the work itself. The number of hours the candle burns is the number of days, weeks, or other units of times it will take to see results from your spell.

How to Measure Burn Time:

To measure the burn time of a candle make note of the exact time when you light it and the exact time that it burns out. If you have to snuff the candle out because you are burning the same candle for multiple days then record each time that you light it and each time that you snuff it out. When the candle has completely finished burning all the way down and going out on it’s own for the final time calculate the total number of hours that it has been actively burning. Round this number up to the nearest full hour. This total number is the final burn time.

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Flame Reading

Reading the flame of your candle as it burns can add an extra dimension to your understanding of your work. Here are some of the common things you will see in candle flames and their meanings.


– Bright: A nice bright flame indicates that you have chosen the right work and given it enough power to achieve your goals.

– Hot: A hot flame indicates good energy and the ability to power through resistance to your goal. A flame that is too hot may indicate you are being too heavy handed. Gentler work maybe needed.

– Dances: Dancing flames indicate spiritual communication in your favor. The spirits are participating and wish you to know that they are assisting you towards achieving your goals. This is an especially good omen for candles offered to saints, ancestors, and other specific spirits. 

– Pops: Popping sounds, which may be accompanied with small explosions of wax, indicate barriers being broken and obstacles being removed. 

– White Smoke: The presence of white smoke indicates spiritual assistance. Someone in the spirit realm wishes you to know they are helping you achieve your goals. May also indicate a certain spirit has a desire to communicate with or work with you.


– Dim: Dim flame indicates conflicting magic or goals, or lack of clear intent. It can also indicate a lack of power. And also indicate an exhausted practitioner.

– Cool: A cool flame indicates slow acting or sluggish work. You may be approaching the problem from the wrong angle.

– Flickers: A flame that flickers, threatening to go out, indicates that there is not enough power in the work to make the changes being requested by the practitioner. Add more prayers, and if led by spirit to do so, more ingredients, may be needed.

– Goes Out: A flame going out is a strong indication that this type of work will not be effective for the intended goal.

– Black Smoke: Black smoke indicates the presence of spiritual opposition to your work. If black smoke continues all throughout the work you’re target has been protected from or resisted your work.


– Sparks: Sparks indicate conflict, proactive and uncomfortable change, or aggressive action.

– Hissing: hissing indicates whispering, gossiping, or spreading rumors.

– Wailing: Wailing, indicates that somebody associated with the situation either has been or will be shedding tears or loudly complaining very soon. Can also indicate severe physical pain.

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Candle Zones

To do candle reading one of the first things we have to understand is the different zones of the candle. 

There are four general zones that govern the past, the present, the future, as well as the physical and nonphysical worlds.

The Four General Zones

The zones to the left and right of the candle deal with time.

The candle itself represents this exact present moment. It can also represent the time spent doing the work itself.  

The zone to the left deals with the past; former events, past influences, and situations leading up to this point.

Everything to the right of the candle represents the future. This area deals with anything related to the future.  Things that have not yet happened or that are still in the process of coming to be show up here.

Everything above the candle, or going away from the front of the candle toward the back, deals with the non-physical world. This covers spirituality, emotions, mind, the realm of dreams, and the realm of the dead. It can also deal with education, digital or computer related matters, legal issues, and political things.

The zone below the candle, or anything from the candle moving towards the front of the work, is the zone that deals with the physical and material realm. This covers money, sex, the body, health, housing, food; basically anything that can be experienced in a purely physical way.

The Diagonals

The diagonal sections from the center of the candle are also their own zones. They are; left/above, left/below, right/above, right/below.

The diagonal zone of left/above deals specifically with things in the non-physical world that have occurred in the past. Past spiritual influences, emotional trauma, and past communication through digital means will show up in this area.

The diagonal zone of left/below rules all things pertaining to past business dealings, past sexual relationships, past health issues, and events in the past that affect the physical body.

The right/above diagonal zone focuses on non-physical things which have not yet occurred. This is where you will look for future emotions, future digital transactions, and future emotions.

Lastly, the right/below zone deals exclusively with physical things that have not come into being at this time. Future sexual relationships, property, future changes in the physical body, new financial opportunities.